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  • West Australia Set to Join Australia's Existing Plastic Bag Bans

    Support for plastic bag bans has been strong throughout Australia for many years. A recent push is set to implement bans almost across the entire country, save for one province. West Australia is about the join the plastic bag ban movement in a short 6 months. Read on to learn more about the bag ban movement in Australia, and particularly West Australia's upcoming ban.
  • Will Plastic Bag Bans in Canada Grow Beyond Montreal?

    When the plastic bag ban movement takes root it slowly spreads and gains momentum. This is what happened in California and it is currently happening in Massachusetts. At the start of the year the Montreal plastic bag ban went into action and this has many people wondering if plastic bag bans are about to sweep through Canada.
  • Will Utah Be The Next State to Implement A Plastic Bag Fee?

    Disposable bags may be on the way out in Utah. Talk of plastic bag bans and fees have persisted for several years, with some cities in the Beehive State implementing measures to reduce or restrict use. A new proposal could levy a 10-cent fee on each disposable plastic and paper bag given out at retail stores throughout the state.
  • Montreal Bag Ban...Here Is What Your Business Needs to Know

    Disposable plastic bags are officially banned in Montreal. Several other Canadian cities have implemented plastic bag bans, but Montreal is the first major city in Canada to enact such a law. A bag ban is a major accomplishment for the city and the environment. Like anything the ban will take some getting used to for both residents and businesses.
  • 5 Trade Show Marketing Trends for 2018

    Trade shows are about reaching your customers and important members of your industry and creating a rapport. With careful planning and coordination you can turn your trade show into a highly effective platform to connect your brand with customers, vendors and more. Here are five trade show marketing trends to put into practice during 2018 to take your event to the next level.
  • 5 Recycling Trends On The Horizon for 2018

    Many of the methods in place in the recycling and waste management industry are antiquated. Developments in the industry can lead to major changes that will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of how trash is handled. Technology is always changing things for the better, but setbacks are always impacting momentum. With all of this in mind here are five recycling trends we expect to see for 2018.
  • Stamford Connecticut Considers Plastic Bag Ban

    Plastic bag bans are sweeping the country and Stamford, Connecticut could be next to join the ranks of plastic-free cities. Representative John Zelinsky plans to introduce a bill that calls for a ban on single-use plastic bags. If passed, Stamford would be the first major city in the Constitution State to implement a plastic bag ban.
  • 8 Marketing Trends to Tap Into in 2018

    December is a time for reflecting on the year that was and looking ahead to the New Year. When it comes to marketing trends, this is a time to review the methods that worked this past year, as well as the strategies that did not quite go according to the plan. Here are our predictions of what will be the next big thing and how this will impact marketing strategies in 2018. You will find some familiar concepts, along with some new ideas.
  • SaniPro Disposal Leads Waste Industry in Banning Plastic Bags

    At the start of 2017, a disposable plastic bag ban became effective in New Castle, New York. The outfit that handles recycling pickup in this city, SaniPro Disposal, is taking things a step further and putting an end to picking up recyclables placed in plastic bags. This move further reduces the need and reliance on disposable plastic bags and helps pave the way for reusable recycling bags.
  • 3 Ways Reusable Recycling Bags Solve Problems with Apartment Recycling

    Apartment complexes and multi-family dwellings can generally be viewed as a microcosm of the broader community and planet. One issue that has been in the limelight within most communities is recycling, and it has been picking up steam because of the adverse effects trashed items like single-use plastic bags have on the planet.

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