Keep Your Customers Coming Back with Reusable Promotional Products

Woman carrying reusable paper shopping bags.

Help Customers Remember Your Brand

The goal of marketing is simple: introduce your brand to potential customers and make it memorable for them. Custom reusable products are a very effective method to achieve this goal. Handy items your customers use in their normal everyday lives, emblazoned with your branding message, will ensure people know about your brand and remember it. Here are some of our more popular reusable promotional items so you can effectively reach your customers.

Insulated Grocery Totes

Specialized reusable bags serve a specific purpose, and this purpose is an opportunity to fulfill a need and connect with customers. Insulated grocery totes reduce the need and use of single-use shopping bags, making them eco-friendly. These particular bags take things a step further by featuring an insulated fabric construction, so frozen items are kept chilled on the way home. Insulated totes are versatile because they also make wonderful bags for takeout since they can also keep hot items warm.

Reusable Hurricane Grocery Bags

Grocery bags are always in demand, and as plastic bag bans become more common, the demand for reusable grocery bags will continue to climb. Our reusable hurricane grocery bags feature quality construction and a classic design, making them sought-after bags. The reinforced handles and bottom allow this bag to support up to 25 pounds. These bags are certified reusable, providing a remarkable return on investment.

Berry Convenient Folding Tote

Folding tote bags provide the convenience of a reusable bag in a space-saving design. This folding tote is made from lightweight and durable polyester, so it can hold up to regular use without adding unnecessary bulk. Fold the bag into a corner and secure it with the built-in drawstring to create a small and compact pouch. Customers can keep the bag close by without carrying a full-size tote bag. This compact folding tote bag can easily be stored in a desk, glove compartment, stroller, or any place where it may be helpful to have a reusable tote bag.

Eco Portfolio Bags

Reusable bags come in many diverse forms, and our eco portfolio bags are unique and valuable bags that can be used for just about anything. The large main compartment can accommodate most laptops, notebooks, or a change of clothes. Various external pockets can accommodate a water bottle, keys, and other items, so it is easy to stay organized on the go. An adjustable shoulder strap can be customized so the bag can be worn over the shoulder or cross-body for comfort and convenience.

Reach Your Customers

Are you looking for a way to reach your customers and ensure they come back again and again? Custom reusable products are just the thing. Check out our wide selection of custom reusable products and find the correct item for your brand and customers.

We work with several leading brands and industry leaders, and we’ve been at it for over a decade. We want to help you, too! Call us at 866-222-0949 or shop our full line of eco-friendly promotional items and get your custom quote.

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