Don’t Buy the Greenwashing Hype, Reusable Still Wins

Greenwashing defined - misleading or outright false information about the environmental impact of a company's products and operations. Greenwashing alert on custom printed shopping bag.

A recent video proved that so-called biodegradable plastic shopping bags are not always what they claim to be. The video documents disposable plastic shopping bags labeled as biodegradable holding a full load of groceries after spending three years in the ocean. The video has generated a buzz on social media and has many viewers questioning what brands tell them amid fears of greenwashing. Find out how reusable shopping bags can help your brand avoid greenwashing.

False Claims

Greenwashing is when a company falsely claims to be environmentally friendly. A brand may indicate that it makes an effort to protect the climate and reduce its carbon footprint when they are, in fact, not doing these things. Greenwashing is problematic on various fronts.

Lying is always a bad marketing strategy. The truth always has a way of getting out, and no one likes to find out they’ve been purposefully lied to. Misleading customers can destroy relationships and turn loyal followers against a brand. In some instances, brand ambassadors may start working against a brand, depending on how betrayed they feel.

Making false claims is a problem, but harming the environment after claiming to protect it can particularly damage a brand and the planet. Lots of people want to work with environmentally responsible brands, and the eco-friendliness of a brand often influences purchasing decisions. Being environmentally irresponsible will not only cost customers but will also harm the planet at a time when things are already dire.

Environmental Impact

Claiming a disposable plastic bag is biodegradable gives consumers the impression they are making an environmentally responsible decision when they are not. Furthermore, single-use plastic bags have a low recycling rate, and attempts to recycle them are often unsuccessful. Plastic litter is harmful, it continues to contribute to our landfills and takes a toll on oceans and food chains.

Honesty is Still the Best Policy

The best thing your brand can do to avoid claims of greenwashing is to be upfront with your customers. Make an honest effort to go green and let your customers know when you succeed and when you need to try harder. Your marketing efforts are a great time to show your customers your brand is serious about protecting the planet. Reusable promotional items, like aluminum water bottles and reusable grocery bags, eliminate the need and use of disposable single-use plastic bottles and bags.

Custom shopping bags and other promotional products made from recycled or sustainable materials are eco-friendly because of those materials. These products can be used over and over again and then recycled when they have fulfilled their usefulness to reduce their environmental impact further. Reusable alternatives are built to last and provide valuable marketing impressions, expanding your brand’s reach.

Go Reusable Now

Greenwashing is terrible for the planet and your brand. We’re here to help you find environmentally friendly promotional products, like reusable bags, for your brand. Let us know if you have an item picked out and you’re ready to get started or if you have questions about selecting your next marketing item. We can help!

Call us with any questions at 866-222-0949 or get your customized quote on any of our reusable items for marketing and retail use.


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