Why Are Reusable Bags Better than Single Use Plastic Bags?

Wondering Why Reusable Bags are Better than Single Use Disposable Bags? Here’s Your Answer

When you weigh the pros and cons, reusable shopping bags always come out on top of single-use plastic bags. From using up non-renewable resources, damaging the planet and polluting our planet for thousands of years, there are a lot of reasons to dislike disposable plastic bags. Obviously using reusable shopping bags requires forming habits when it comes to remembering to bring your bags to the store and routinely cleaning your bags, but when you compare all of the factors, reusable bags are clearly the better choice.

Disposable Plastic Bags Drain Resources

Many single-use plastic bags are petroleum-based, which means they are made from oil, a non-renewable resource. Since reusable grocery bags fill the same need as disposable plastic bags there is no reason to waste this resource for something unnecessary. We live in a very oil dependent society so we need to be smart about how we use this resource and disposable plastic bags are not a smart way to allocate our oil supply. Here at Factory Direct Promos, we offer many materials for your reusable bag needs including bags made from recycled single use water bottles.

Single-Use Plastic Bags Harm the Environment


There are a whole slew of environmental problems that result from disposable plastic bags. These eco nuisances collect in waterways and oceans and pose a serious threat to animals who may become tangled in the bags or ingest the bags which can easily obstruct the animal’s digestive system not to mention enter our food chain.

Plastic is also not biodegradable which means it does not safely breakdown. When exposed to the elements, the thin film of single-use plastic bags will break apart into smaller and smaller pieces of plastic, but these pieces still retain all of the features of the original bag. Small pieces of plastic are a hazard because they can leach into soil, get into water and enter the food chain, doing all sorts of harm.

Reusable Shopping Bags are the Smart and Eco Choice

For every problem single-use plastic bags pose, reusable bags offer a solution. Reusable bags can be used again and again so they eliminate the need for disposable bags. Typically reusable bags are constructed from recycled or sustainable materials, so while these bags can be made from plastic it is a thicker, more durable version and will be more likely to be recycled once it has outlived its usefulness. Reusable bags made from sustainable materials are biodegradable, so they can be recycled or composted, but if they do end up in a landfill they will safely breakdown with no ill effects.

A Unique and Eco Marketing Tool

Reusable shopping bags also present a way to promote your brand in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner that is proven to establish and maintain brand recognition. By customizing a reusable bag you can create an item that fits your overall marketing campaign and showcases your branding message while also making a statement concerning your company’s green goals and stances. Since the bags can be used for several years you will help do your part to reduce the dependency on single-use plastic bags while also leading the way for your customers.

Why do you like reusable grocery bags more than disposable plastic bags? Let us know in the comments below!


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