5 Ways to Go Green at Your Next Event

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From Trade Show Bags to Venue Options, Here’s How to Go Green at Your Next Event!

In a post for TSNN, I recently  outlined what you can do to go green next time you plan an event. Of course I had to include the great, green idea of using trade show bags, but keep reading to quickly explore all 5 ways to go green at your next event.

  1. Select a Green Venue

    The venue you choose will have a major impact on just how eco-friendly your event is. Updates in building codes and regulations have led to certifications being awarded to green buildings. Other venues have implemented processes to streamline waste management or promote green practices. Look for locations with International Green Meeting Certification, like the Cobo Center in Michigan. This certification is awarded by the Green Meeting Industry Council (GMIC) which is a non-profit, membership-based professional organization led by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

  2. Use Trade Show Bags as Your Takeaway

    Trade show takeaways and promotional items are great marketing tools that will promote your brand during and after a trade show. Selecting an eco-friendly takeaway will reduce the environmental impact of your promotional product. Reusable trade show bags can be customized to effectively promote your messaging and are eco-friendly. Please ditch the single-use, plastic bags and make the switch to reusable bags for your next event. The planet and your marketing department will thank you.

  3. Hand Out USB Drives

    Flash drives are another eco-friendly promotional product that attendees will want to get their hands on. Flash drives are offered in many eco-friendly materials from bamboo to recycled plastic. Another perk of handing out branded USB flash drives is that you can load them up with your catalog and marketing information.

  4. Make Recycling Easy

    Most of the waste generated at trade shows can be recycled, so make it easy for people to recycle. Most people will toss their empty water bottle or a catalog they already flipped through into a recycling bin if bins are accessible and clearly labeled. You can even this as a sponsorship option.

  5. Use Eco-Friendly Materials

    Switching traditional items like signage and even plastic ware to those made from recycled or sustainable materials will easily help to green up your event. These items have a reduced environmental impact and when they have fulfilled their usefulness, they can be recycled or composted. Items that can be reused will further reduce the environmental impact of your event.

Factory Direct Promos Can Help Your Go Green

Simple changes can make your event more eco-friendly without taking away from the value of your event. We help trade show and event planners go green at every event with eco-friendly trade show bags. For a one-of-a-kind, memorable, eco-friendly marketing tool, contact Factory Direct Promos today to create your trade show bags for your next event.


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