Trade Show Marketing Made Simple

Trade Show Marketing Made Simple

Learn How to Best Position Your Brand for Long Term Success

Trade show marketing can be daunting, and for good reason. There is a lot riding on your marketing decisions. Effective marketing connects with existing customers and keeps them engaged with your brand. It also reaches out to new and potential clients and gets them excited about your brand. There is a lot of pressure to get things right. If you do succeed, the payout can be substantial. Here’s what you need to know make trade show marketing simple.

Keep Working After the Trade Show is Over

You have done so much work leading up to and through the show; after the show is the time to make good on all of that hard work. Keep in touch with the contacts you made or reconnected with at the trade show. Some quick emails will help keep you and your brand fresh in client’s minds, and show them you are committed. Securing media coverage, and turning your clients into brand ambassadors are also simple ways to keep your brand relevant after an event.

Utilize Promotional Bags for Your Trade Show Marketing

Promotional bags generate leads, promote brand awareness and recognition, and create and relay positive impressions. Putting custom reusable bags out there can generate a buzz during a trade show, but also continue to spread your branding message after the event is over. With a variety of bag styles and materials to choose from you can easily find the right promotional bag for your brand.

Use Available Trade Show Marketing Resources

Information is the best way to be prepared, and if you look in the right places you can learn lots of useful and interesting tidbits. Most trade shows have newsletters that cover trends and provide industry tips. Sign up and stay in the know. Make sure to completely fill out your company profile on the trade show website, create marketing kits, and press releases. These steps take time, but they are worth it.

Maintain a Fresh Perspective

Pick up some tips, learn about trends, and so much more when you check out trade show marketing blogs. You can find blogs specific to your industry, and blogs that pertain more to trade shows or marketing. These sources of info can help steer you in the right direction, or maybe spark a great idea to simplify your marketing endeavors.

Leave an Impression with Your Trade Show Marketing

Promotional takeaways are a great way to get your customers to take a reminder or memento of your brand home from the trade show. This item will help remind your customer about your brand and keep your info relevant. Reusable products make great trade show takeaways, since they are intended to be used again and again, and will help get the word out about your brand long after the trade show is over.

Take Your Trade Show Marketing to the Next Level

For over 20 years, we have been helping our clients create completely unique trade show totes and bags that work to make an impact on the show floor and beyond. Feel free to request our idea catalog or check out our full line of trade show bags for effective trade show marketing.


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