5 Trade Show Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading

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Get Great Trade Show Marketing Tips to Help You Plan Your Next Event

When you’re planning a trade show or another type of event, it can be easy to get burned out or hit the planning equivalent of writer’s block. When this happens, you might just need a fresh perspective or maybe some insider tips from a pro. We rounded up 5 of our absolute favorite trade show marketing blogs that are all full of great information to help you get your event on track.

TSNN Helps Get Buyers and Sellers Together

TSNN.com maintains an incredibly extensive event database that contains data about more than 25,000 trade shows, exhibitions, public events and conferences. Their blog runs the gamut and covers all aspects of trade show marketing to help guide you to organizing a highly successful event based on data specific to your show. TSNN also features lots of great guest contributors, like yours truly.

Find the Resources You Need for Your Next Event with BizBash

Although not really a blog per se, BizBash has so much content to offer and they are right on the pulse of the industry. From ideas to news, and resources for events and venue discovery, tools and more, it is easy to learn about your upcoming event and plan your trade show marketing to best position your brand.

The Trade Show Network Providers Insider Tips to Close the Deal

From booth ideas to tips to better understanding prospects, mastering the art of closing, and creative planning concepts The Trade Show Network’s blog features a wealth of information.

Be Inspired by Melissa Michel

We have followed along with Melissa for years on Twitter and many folks in the trade show marketing industry already know her. For those of you who don’t, she is worth a follow. Her blog (now deactivated) is insightful, knowledgeable and full of great content along with tips to integrate social media into your event to extend your trade show marketing reach.

Skyline Simplifies Your Trade Show Marketing Planning

With categories from careers to display trends, Skyline Trade Show Tips’ blog covers it all. Their Marketing and Promotions blog is one you don’t want to miss. With articles ranging from “Harnessing The Hashtag to Improve Trade Show and Event Marketing” to “Cause Marketing: Why It’s Important and How You Can Take Part,” you are sure to gain actionable knowledge and ideas that will work for you trade show marketing.

Here’s to Your Next, Successful Show!

Now you have all the great blogs to stay up to date with trends in marketing for trade shows. Next step, get started creating the best, eco-friendly, promotional trade show marketing products like custom reusable bags and reusable drinkware by contacting us today.



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