Will Fort Lauderdale Bypass Existing Florida Law to Ban Styrofoam?

Fort Lauderdale waterfront

Find Out What a Possible Plastic Foam Ban Means for Your Business

Fort Lauderdale is making waves for a proposal that would help to eliminate trash and litter. If approved, plastic foam food containers, also known as Styrofoam would be banned from beaches and public areas.

We are very excited about this prospect since Fort Lauderdale is right in our backyard.

Find out how this proposed ban works around an existing law, what this means for not just Fort Lauderdale but also surrounding municipalities, and what this Styrofoam ban can mean for businesses in South Florida.

Helping the Environment

Fort Lauderdale is located about 28 miles north of Miami and boasts 7 miles of beaches, but a network of canals that run through the city cover over 150 miles. Water, whether it be the Atlantic Ocean or the canals is a big part of life in Fort Lauderdale.

Litter has a tendency to end up in bodies of water and washed up on beaches. This trash is an eyesore, but it is also potentially harmful to animals and can be damaging to ecosystems while also presenting a hazard to boaters. Many residents in Fort Lauderdale have indicated that they want to put an end to the trash that litters their beaches.

A ban on food containers seems like a logical next step.

More Information About the Ft. Lauderdale Styrofoam Ban

Fort Lauderdale’s proposed foam ban specifically prohibits Styrofoam food containers, like coffee cups and to-go boxes from beaches, city parks, city buildings, city-owned golf courses, and marinas.

Vendors employed by the city would also be impacted by the Styrofoam ban.

One more vote, that is set to happen later this year, is all that stands between this ban from becoming a reality.

Going Around Existing Florida Law?

The language of this ban is very specific due to an existing Florida law.

In 2016, a Florida state law prohibited banning Styrofoam from businesses, particularly restaurants, along with convenience and grocery stores.

Fort Lauderdale is not banning those businesses from handing out Styrofoam containers, but it is banning the use of Styrofoam from city-owned spaces.

Start of a New Trend

One thing we’ve learned from our plastic bag ban map is that bans like this tend to spread.

Once one city or county passes a ban, this action will inspire neighboring communities to do the same, or pass their own take on a ban.

We’re very interested to see what happens in Fort Lauderdale partly because we’re excited to see less plastic litter.

We’re also very interested to see if this ban inspires other municipalities to pass bans of their own.

Adapting to the Ban

In order to best serve their customers and their communities, Fort Lauderdale businesses that serve food to go will need to find alternatives to Styrofoam.

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