The Secret To Ordering Tradeshow Bags

The Secret to Ordering Tradeshow Bags

Putting Tradeshow Bags To Work for Your Brand

The right tradeshow takeaway can do amazing things for your brand by generating excitement during the show, and continuing to promote your business years later. Tradeshow bags make an excellent takeaway because they act as a walking billboard for your brand. Research shows that bags create more ad impressions than anyother form of advertising, including TV! Find out what the big secret is to ordering tradeshow bags is by reading below!

Effectiveness of Tradeshow Bags

Tradeshow bags make amazing promotional products because of their general usefulness and functionality. The bags are incredibly handy during a tradeshow and give attendees a place to stash all of the goodies, catalogs and more they pick up as they walk the show.

Once the tradeshow is over, these reusable bags are just getting started. Tradeshow bags can easily be repurposed into reusable grocery bags, a work tote, a gym bag or for just about any other use. As your customers use your branded tradeshow bags they will continue to get the word out about your brand.

Okay so we know tradeshow bags work, but what is the big secret?

Ordering Options

When it comes to ordering tradeshow bags you have two options. First is our in stock lineup of bags. These are bags that are already constructed, you just need to send us your artwork, which we will print on the bags and quickly get them back to you. This is a great option that you probably use most frequently. But truly the big secret to ordering tradeshow bags is the second option.

Your second option is what we call custom or bulk bags. These custom tradeshow bags are the BIG SECRET to ordering the best tradeshow bags. When we say custom, we seriously mean custom tradeshow bags. You can change anything and everything about the bags, from the size, shape, material and more. You get to create something that is completely unique and one-of-a-kind for your brand. You can go full-color, design a messenger bag, heck we even had one client create an avacido shaped tradeshow bag!

Ordering custom tradeshow bags in bulk is how you will get the lowest price possible direct from the factory and full-color customization. The only thing to remember is that you must give yourself lead time in ordering and quantities must be at least 1500.

Meeting Your Deadlines

Exhibiting at a tradeshow requires a lot of coordinating and planning and despite your best efforts you may fall behind. When time is tight and you need custom tradeshow bags, ordering from our in stock selection is your best option. Since these bags are already constructed we can quickly get to work printing your branding message on the front in order to get them to you as soon as possible. Typically, we need a few weeks to turnaround an in stock order.

But the secret to ordering is that with a little planning and lead time of 90 days, you can create the only tradeshow bags you will ever need…over and over again in any shape or design you can think of.

Design Your Own Bag

With almost 30 years in the business, we understand how to streamline the process to save time and money, and we pass these savings along to our customers. The right bag can help promote your brand during industry events and long after, in order to effectively expand and reinforce the reach of your brand. Find out just how easy it is to create tradeshow bags using the secret! Contact factory Direct Promos today and ask about bulk ordering your tradeshow bags.


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