The Hidden Values of Customized Reusable Bags

The Hidden Values of Customized Reusable Bags

Learn More About Some of the Not-So-Obvious Values of Customized Reusable Bags!

There are a number of benefits that customized reusable bags bring to the marketing table. They have been well documented by us here at Factory Direct Promos and outside sources alike. The opportunity to increase brand exposure while decreasing the ecological footprint of customers is what makes this line of promotional products stand out.

Custom reusable bags give your brand the opportunity to join in the growing movement to limit the amount of single-use plastic bags in circulation. But what other values do these bags have to brands that might not be as easy to see? Today we are going to look at three different types of reusable bags, and examine the hidden value that each could potentially deliver for your brand.

Recycled Bags

Even small business decisions, like which promotional product to use for a single event, will differentiate your brand from the competition. Think about the audiences you are attempting to reach and what extended audience could be reached when the bags are put to use. Purchasing custom recycled bags that carry your brand into the hands of customers, especially those with families, can lead to the inclusion of your brand in major lifestyle changes that goes beyond just one bag.

It starts with a culture change at a small scale. Considering the uptick in plastic bag bans worldwide, the value in having recycled bags that carry your branding will increase in the coming years.

Reusable Tote Bags

Promoting your brand with reusable tote bags is an easy and meaningful path to promoting a green marketing initiative. Custom reusable bags provide value to the customer because they can be used for activities that are routine, like grocery shopping or going to the beach. What you might find interesting is that the use of reusable bags correlates to a customer’s buying habits, mainly in the grocery store.

When customers go with an environmentally-friendly bag option for grocery shopping, they are more likely to “go green” with some of their food choices as well. According to a report from Harvard Business School, customers who shop with reusable bags tend to purchase more organic products while grocery shopping.

Natural Fiber Bags

An uptick in the use of reusable bags means there will be less plastic bags in circulation, but the best bags are those that can be made of natural, renewable materials. For example, bamboo is a natural resource and it’s biodegradable. Beyond the application as a material for bags, it can be used to make paper, in construction, and even for food.

When harvesting bamboo, the whole plant doesn’t need to be removed (unlike those made from trees). Instead, a shoot can be cut while the rest of the plant remains intact, prepared to flourish in its environment so it can be harvested again after its fast growth cycle is complete.

The Bottom Line

With customized reusable bags, your brand will gain more exposure with each use and provide value to the customer in a number of ways. The options for customization are expansive, including a variety of color options to choose from. Decide which message you are hoping to convey, and allow our products to do the rest of the work.

If you would like to get started, check out our variety of options for customized reusable bags. As a promotional product, they can carry your brand’s message while providing value that you might not have originally considered.


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