Latest News on Minneapolis Plastic Bag Ban!

Latest News on Minneapolis Plastic Bag Ban!

Future of Plastic Bag Ban in Minneapolis Uncertain

Officials in Minneapolis began considering a single-use plastic bag ban in May of 2015. The proposal went through several versions. Ultimately, a 5-cent fee was levied on paper bags, and everything was set to go into effect on June 1, 2017. We have been following the plastic bag ban discussion in Minneapolis since the start. We were thrilled to see the measure pass. There have been several twists and turns in the saga to implement a plastic bag ban in Minneapolis. As of right now the ban is on hold.

Minnesota Considering Plastic Bag Ban Ban

Leading up to the start date of the Minneapolis plastic bag ban, officials at the state level were considering a measure that would prohibit cities and towns from passing plastic bag bans. The motivation behind the Minneapolis bag ban was to reduce the negative environmental impact of disposable plastic bags. A lot of folks in Minneapolis support the ban for environmental reasons.

Not everyone has the same sentiment when it comes to backing the ban. A growing movement is against the state limiting the power of local governments. By stripping cities, towns, and counties of the ability to pass a plastic bag ban, the state is reducing their authority. There are people in Minneapolis who may not particularly care about the plastic bag ban. Turns out they do care if the City of Minneapolis is able to enact such laws.

No Bag Ban In Minneapolis, For Now

The same week the plastic bag ban was set to go into action, the Minnesota governor signed a bill that contained a provision preventing cities from implementing bag bans. Currently, the plastic bag ban is out. It cannot take effect.

Stores can still charge the 5-cent fee on disposable bags. There is no plan to enforce the bag fee right now. Minneapolis officials are researching if it is possible to still implement the plastic bag ban. When the future of the bag ban is clear officials will address the bag fee.

Follow the Bag Ban Movement

We have been tracking plastic bag bans for years. One pattern that has emerged is that when one city or county passes a ban, neighboring municipalities follow their lead a short time later. This was poised to happen in Minnesota.

Discussions about banning bags or levying fees were sidelined when the state-wide measure came up. A lot of people in Minneapolis support the plastic bag ban, so we’re hopefully that residents will find a way to make the bag ban happen.

You may remember that Florida did the same thing with their ban on plastic bag bans, but that did not stop Coral Gables from passing their plastic bag ban!

Market Greener with Reusable Bags

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