6 Ways to Use QR Codes on Reusable Bags To Increase Sales BIG TIME!

A QR Code on a digital device

Connect With Your Customers and Keep Them Informed

There are so many uses for QR codes (Quick Response codes). These unique and scannable codes can be printed on just about anything. Your customers can scan the code using their smartphone and receive a wealth of curated information.

QR codes have proven incredibly useful at restaurants during COVID-19, and smart brands were taking advantage of these codes long before the pandemic.

Our sister brand, Superior Business Solutions, even has a QR code generator that you can use.

If you planning to create a custom reusable bag, you may also want to consider including a QR code on it.

Creating Reusable Bags? Benefit BIG from Adding a QR Code with These 6 Tips!

QR codes must be accessible to be helpful. Including a QR code in the custom artwork printed on a reusable bag is very accessible.

Reusable bags are items that get a lot of use, possibly even daily use. This regular use makes it easy and possible for customers to scan the code. Here are ways to use QR codes on reusable bags that can have a significant impact on sales.

6 Ways to Use QR Codes on Reusable Bags To Increase Sales

1. Email Address

Make it easy for your customers to email you by including a unique code under the text, ‘Contact us,’ on your reusable bags!

2. URL

Link a QR code to a special offer, and you can even create a custom landing page URL for an in-person event or tradeshow. All your customers need to do is scan the code, and they’ll be brought directly to the landing page, where they can learn more and easily navigate to other helpful resources.

3. Phone Number

Add a phone number QR code so your consumers can reach out and place an order or even get a prerecorded message.

4. SMS

Offer a discount when someone scans your QR code and joins your “mobile club” or SMS offering. Just enter your SMS code and message in the QR code generator.

5. Custom Text

Enter custom text into the QR code generator to create a special message for your customers. As an added benefit, your message can easily be searched online.

6. Create a vCard

A vCard, also known as a Virtual Contact File, is an electronic business card. This is an excellent way for customers to get in touch with individual sales reps or key employees. All your customers need to do is scan the code, and the contact info will be added to their digital address book.

Stay Connected

The ways to create QR codes that can be used on your reusable bags for marketing or retail are endless.

This is just another way that works to promote your brand further and increase sales with reusable bags.

Order Your Way

With two ways to order, you can easily order custom, reusable bags that best fit your timeline and budget. Our in-stock bags are ready to go and just need to be imprinted with your custom QR code and artwork. This is an excellent option if you need your bags quickly or if you need a smaller quantity.

With our bulk ordering and wholesale pricing we offer a greater level of customization since your reusable bags will be made to order. You can alter the design and make any changes you have in mind to create something completely unique. This is a great ordering option if you want to further customize the design and if you need a substantial quantity.

Direct From the Factory

We can offer the lowest possible wholesale pricing because we are the factory. There is no middleman adding time and extra markups. When you work with us, you are working directly with the factory. This saves time and money, and we pass these savings along to our customers.

This is something our existing customers, including American Express, Bank of America, Carnival Cruise Lines, Pepsi, The Home Depot, Whole Foods, and more, already know.

If you’re ready to create custom bags that feature a unique code, then contact Factory Direct Promos and ask for help using QR codes on your reusable bags for marketing and retail.


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