Customized Reusable Bags at Rock Bottom Factory Direct Pricing

Secure a Great Deal While You Promote Your Brand

Custom reusable promotional products offer a great value for your business on many fronts. They are good for your brand, customers, the planet and your budget. We have written about the hidden value of customized reusable bags and today we want to let you know how to get those bags at the best possible price. We work hard to deliver customized reusable bags at rock bottom factory direct pricing. Here’s how we do it.

Bulk Ordering Saves Money

When placing an order with us, the higher the quantity you order the lower the price per bag. This is because the amount of setup and production work does not vary greatly based on the quantity of the order. The amount of time to produce 2,500 bags is not much different from the amount of time to produce 25,000 bags or even 250,000 bags.

The factor that significantly impacts the cost is materials. A large order requires a lot of fabric, while a small order does not. Ordering large quantities lowers the price per bag because the labor charge is spread out over a larger quantity. When placing an order make sure to stock up. This can help get the price down and secures a great return on your investment.

Factory Direct Ordering

We work directly with our factory, which saves time and money. There are no additional steps, or middlemen, adding time and markup. When you order your customized reusable bags, we send the information directly to our factory. This is efficient and reduces the risk of errors, since the order is not being handed off from one person to another. This structure also keeps our costs down, and we pass this cost savings along to you by offering products at super low prices.

Order Your Customized Reusable Bags Today

We’ve been creating customized reusable bags directly with our factory for over 20 years. In this time, we’ve learned how to make the process easy for our customers. While also saving money to keep prices down. Get started designing your customized reusable bags or reach out to us for assistance. We can’t wait to create your one-of-a-kind customized reusable bags!


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