Custom Trade Show Bags with FREE Set Up!

Save up to $500 on Custom Trade Show Bags Now Through June 30th!

If you want to build brand awareness and profitable relationships with customers and prospects, trade show bags deliver one of the best values in marketing today. As part of our latest eco special, you can land the best deal on custom trade show bags. Order now and get free setup that can save you up to $500! This deal will end June 30th and won’t be around again soon. Now is the time to act to get this special deal.

Trade Show Bags Will Drive Traffic to Your Booth

Trade shows are a great opportunity to meet customers and vendors in your industry. You can build relationships, learn about new products and services, or even become reaquainted with existing products and services. Many attendees also look forward to receivng all of the free promotional items, like trade show bags.

It is almost expected for exhibitors to give away free promotional items to prospects that stop by their booth. Trade show bags are always some of the more desirable takeaways because they are eco-friendly and useful.

Well-made custom trade show bags will drive visitors to your booth and drive sales. As people walk the show floor carrying your custom branded bag, they will spread your message and increase the reach of your brand. Once those same prospects leave the show floor, they will remember your brand for many years. When they need your product or service, you will be front of mind and top on their list.

Make Reusable Bags Part of Your Long Game

The genius of marketing with custom reusable products is that they can be used over and over again. A well-made reusable bag will still be getting out the word about your brand long after the trade show is over. Trade show bags will definitely make a statement during the event, but they will continue to increase your brand’s exposure when your clients use your branded bag in their regular day-to-day activities.

Create Custom Trade Show Bags to Make a Statement

There are so many different styles of trade show bags available but when you go custom, the sky is the limit. When designing your custom trade show bags, think about what your customers will want. Remember, you are creating a one-of-a-kind promotional marketing item. The more appealing trade show bags are, the more often your customers will use them. The more often your branded bags are used, the more visibility your brand will receive.

Traditional grocery style bags are always a favorite. These bags are great for shopping, but can really be used for just about anything. Custom cooler bags and messenger bags are more specialized, but these specific styles are very functional and useful to the right demographic.

My personal favorite touch is full color bags. They are beautiful and stand out on the show floor and beyond, You know your customers, so when choosing trade show bags, think about what they will want and how they will use the bag.

Act Fast to Secure a Great Deal

Custom trade show bags are a great marketing investment. We have done it ourselves and we have seen our customers do it over and over again. Creating the right custom bag will generate a buzz around your brand during a trade show, and these bags will continue to work for your brand after the event is over.

Be the “Bell of the Ball’ at your next trade show by creating unique, custom, eye-catching trade show bags. Act now before it’s too late to save up to $500. Get your custom quote on trade show bags, before the stroke of midnight on June 30th.


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