California Bag Ban SB270…What Your Business Needs to Know

California Bag Ban SB270 Becomes a Reality as Prop 67 Passes!

Although there seemed to be a bit of a delay in getting the final say, after all of the votes were tallied we are happy to report that Californians voted in favor of Proposition 67. This means single-use plastic bags will be banned in the Golden State. The California bag ban SB270, was initially approved by the state Legislature and signed into law by the governor in 2014, but a referendum backed by the plastics industry, known as Proposition 67 put the matter on the ballot. Disposable plastic bag bans are very popular throughout California, but this statewide ban will fill in the gaps between the different cities and counties that have their own bans.

The Details About the Statewide California Bag Ban SB270The Details About the Statewide California Bag Ban SB270

California’s ban prohibits most grocery stores, retail stores with a pharmacy, convenience stores, food marts, and liquor stores from providing single-use plastic bags. Impacted retailers can provide reusable shopping bags or disposable bags made from recycled paper – retailers must charge at least 10 cents for each reusable or recycled paper bag provided. The California bag ban SB270 does not impact pre-existing bans; so any bag bans currently on the books will not change in any way.

The Eco-Friendly Advantage of Banning Single-Use Plastic Bags

For many, the motivation to ban single-use plastic bags is environmental. Unfortunately, it is all too common for disposable plastic bags to be tossed into landfills or to end up as litter. Plastic bags are a very real threat to animals, specifically marine animals, who can easily mistake them for food. California has a long coastline, so plastic bag litter and the resulting problems are very visible.

What a Bag Ban Means for Your Business

Businesses covered by the ban will certainly be impacted, but the reach of this law will extend beyond those retailers. Since single-use plastic bags will no longer be available, there will be an increased need and demand for reusable bags. Shoppers will need reusable bags to carry items home from the store, and wholesale reusable bags fill this need for shoppers while also spreading a brand’s marketing message at an affordable price to the retailer.

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Are You Ready?!!

It has been a very long road to ban single-use plastic bags in California, and we are so happy to see all of the hard work put in by countless folks pay off. We want to extend our most sincere congratulations and we look forward to seeing if the California bag ban SB270 inspires other states to follow their lead.

If you are a retailer, marketing professional, or trade show planner in California, shop our certified reusable bags now!

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