We Want to Know…What’s In YOUR Reusable Bag?

reusable grocery bag

What’s In Your Bag? We Want to Know

The beauty of reusable bags is that they are so incredibly versatile. Most folks think about using reusable bags for grocery shopping, which is great and they definitely fulfill a need whether at a large chain supermarket or the mall. Still, there’s no reason why you cannot also bring your reusable bags along when you run other errands or head to the gym and there is no reason to think of reusable bags as having the same design.

Brands today can create virtually any type of reusable bag for marketing that they can think of from a traditional reusable shopping bag to a messenger bag or even a specifically sized and shaped custom reusable bag for a product customers purchase like a digital cable box! Reusable bags can be insulated, or be really huge with long handles like a gym bag, or anything you can can think of!

It’s all about creating an eco-friendly solution for what your customers want to put into their reusable bag to get your brand the recognition it deserves. We believe that businesses want to not only market their brands, but also give something back to their customers and prospects so we help them to create a special and completely custom reusable bag they love to share – the fact that it is eco-friendly is simply icing on the cake for all of us.

Make Your Reusable Bags Work For You…and Your Puppy

It is obviously best for consumers to stock up on a bunch of reusable bags and assign specific purposes to each bag. We all want to set aside some reusable bags for grocery shopping, but we also don’t want to use the same reusable bag we use to carry home produce from the store to later carry sweaty clothes home from the gym, to tote the cupcakes we make for our coworkers to the office, or to carry your sweet puppy…although some of us have been known to toss their 6 pound Chi Poo into their favorite reusable bag.

Obviously, it is possible for reusable bags used to carry food items to pick up bacteria and the best way to avoid transferring germs is to make sure reusable shopping bags designated for food are just used for food.

No matter what tasks you assign to each of your reusable bags, or how they are designed, it is best to routinely wash reusable bags to further ensure everything is clean and safe.  You can even take a permanent marker and label your reusable bags, so you can make sure to keep your bags separate and you be certain to grab the right bags when you head out to the store.

Aside from lugging groceries home from the store, what do you carry in your reusable bags? Leave a comment and let us know!


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