Are Reusable Bags Safe?

Cashier putting groceries in reusable bag with caption: Are Reusable Bags Safe?

Let’s Get to the Bottom of The Safety of Reusable Bags!

It’s understood how much good reusable bags do for the planet, but there are concerns about the impact reusable bags have on health. A simple Google search of whether or not reusable bags are safe will yield a ton of results which can end up leaving you with more questions than when you started. We’ve covered the safety of reusable bags before, but for those of you who missed it, let’s take another look.

What’s So Great About Reusable Bags

The ability to reuse bags, again and again, makes them eco-friendly. Reducing the need and use of single-use products conserves resources and helps streamline the waste stream. Recycled or sustainable materials further help to streamline the waste stream and only add to the eco-friendliness of reusable bags. This is what makes reusable bags so great from an environmental standpoint.

Potential Problem

While reusable bags are great at helping the planet, they bring a whole new set of potential issues. Raw food, particularly meat and produce, has the potential to present different issues. Bacteria can be dangerous if consumed, and it can be a potential hazard if bacteria is transferred from food to a reusable bag. Most people take care when handling raw meat and even produce in light of recent issues, like romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak.

However, if bacteria transfer from food items to the reusable bag, it could be possible for that bacteria to be transferred to other items that come into contact with the bag. Something you may not normally suspect, like a can of olives or a box of pasta, could be cross-contaminated and become a carrier of potentially harmful bacteria.

Preventative Measures

Reusable bags need to be routinely washed and cleaned to ensure any harmful bacteria is removed. Many reusable bags include a tag featuring washing instructions. If your reusable bags cannot be machine washed, simply wash them by hand and lay them flat to air dry.

Additional Tips

To further reduce the possibility of cross-contamination and the spread of bacteria, many shoppers dedicate bags for specific purposes. For instance, reusable bags intended to carry groceries should only be used for food. It may be worthwhile to take things a step further and earmark bags for meat, dairy and produce. Only using certain bags for specific items makes it easier to isolate bacteria.

Help Your Business

Reusable bags are great promotional products that are eco-friendly and proven to effectively get the word out about your brand. Like any product that is reused, reusable bags need some routine maintenance to keep them clean and safe to use.

When promoting your business with reusable bags, make sure to let your clients know just how easy it is to clean the bags and stop the spread of germs and bacteria. You can even print instructions for safe use and cleaning right on the inside or outside of your custom reusable bags for marketing.

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