Transfer Station Thrift Store Aims to Reduce Trash

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How One Community Is Making a Difference

Not all trash is, well, trash. Sometimes people have items they no longer want or need that still have a lot of use left to them. Sending these items to a landfill is wasteful and it also fills up a landfill prematurely.

A recent article published by Waste Advantage explains how one mountain community is helping the planet and its residents through a thrift store.

This is a great way to find a new purpose for items while streamlining the waste stream.

Identifying a Need

Runnings Springs in California is located in the San Bernardino mountains. A transfer station collects items brought in by residents and businesses to move to a landfill 30 miles away.

The transfer station in Runnings Springs is unique from other transfer stations found in the county in that there is a thrift store known as the Drop and Shop.

The thrift store intercepts items that would otherwise be destined for the landfill, cleans them up as necessary, and puts them up for sale.

Locals use the store as an opportunity to find items they need. The Drop and Shop has even earned a reputation as having some great deals. In fact, people come from far away in hopes of finding something unique or rare at a great price.

All Around Win-Win

This transfer station thrift store is a great success in so many ways.

The store keeps useful items out of landfills, so it prevents nearby landfills from filling up unnecessarily.

The Drop and Shop also saves the municipality the time, money, and effort of transferring some items to the landfill.

There are certainly items that still need to be brought to the landfill, but thanks to the Drop and Shop, not as many items are landfilled.

Additional Solutions

The thrift store is a great way to reduce trash and the community of Runnings Springs has proven that this model definitely works.

Another way to reduce trash and promote your brand or support your municipality is through the use of reusable recycling bags. These bags simplify recycling, especially in apartments and multifamily dwellings.

Reusable recycling bags take the place of the bins commonly used in curbside recycling programs. Residents simply toss items to be recycled in the bag and when the bag is full, it can be emptied into a common collection point.

Everything about our reusable recycling bags is designed to help residents recycle.

Durable, water-resistant fabric contains spills, and long handles make it easy to hang the bag or a coat rack or doorknob or to wear the bag over a shoulder.

A handle on the bottom of the bag makes it easy to dump the contents into a dumpster or bin.

Complete Customization

Perhaps, the most useful feature of reusable recycling bags is the ability to customize the exterior with custom artwork.

Lack of understanding and confusion are often the biggest obstacles when it comes to recycling. Printing helpful information or instructions directly on the bag makes the bag so much more useful. The bag itself relays information and helps residents better understand what can (and what cannot) be recycled.

Helping Your Community

Going green matters. Keeping items out of landfills and continuing to use these items either through selling them in a thrift store or recycling them into something new makes a difference. Landfills can only hold so much. Topping them off with items that don’t belong there is not only wasteful, but it creates a problem that often requires an expensive solution.

Inventive solutions, like thrift stores and our reusable recycling bags, streamline the waste stream and help communities and the planet, while also conserving money and resources.

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