The State of Marketing in 2021

What the Past Year Means for the Future of Marketing

The past year has been intense. And marketing, just like everything else, was impacted by the COVID pandemic.

Salesforce conducted its annual survey to better understand the state of marketing in 2021. Today we review the findings to break down the state of marketing in 2021.

Here’s what you need to know about marketing your business in 2021 and beyond.

Breaking Down the Metrics

So much has changed as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. So any insight or advantage for your business is invaluable, especially after the rough last year.

Finding a way to better position your brand to reach your audience is necessary to recover and possibly more important now than ever before.

Change is the Only Constant

A definite theme of the pandemic has been change. The Salesforce marketing survey found that keeping up with the constantly evolving changes is key to marketing in 2021. This agile approach allows marketers to pivot and alter their approach to best reach their audience in innovative and ingenious ways.

Part of this new approach includes custom communication. A tailored message is key to reach and resonate with your audience.

Shifting your message and taking advantage of available customer data is extremely important.

Adopting cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence enables smart brands to connect with their customers in a meaningful way.

Missing Piece

This survey covers a lot of useful information, but it completely misses the point when it comes to promotional items.

Wearables are briefly mentioned, but not focusing on promotional items was a big mistake.

Promotional gifts, especially eco-friendly ones show your business has a social mission. This is beneficial and will help your brand front of mind and build important and lasting relationships with key, existing contacts, and employees, as well as prospects.

Providing a Complete Experience

Giving a promotional gift can be as easy as offering an eco-friendly reusable bag, a customized recycling bag, eco-friendly reusable drinkware, seed paper items, or even eco-friendly notepads and eco-pens.

Each of these items can easily be customized to best represent your brand and serve as a useful reminder of your business.

Easy Customization Process

Custom promotional items are a real and tangible reminder of your brand that can forge a meaningful relationship between your customers and your business.

We have been helping our customers create effective and eco-friendly promotional items for over a decade. During this time we have learned how to streamline the process and we will use this knowledge to help you create the right item for your business.

Some of the industry-leading clients we’ve helped market greener and more effectively include American Express, Bank of America, Carnival Cruise Lines, Pepsi, The Home Depot, Whole Foods, and more.

Call us at 1-866-222-0949 or shop our full line of eco-friendly promotional items to get your custom quote and find out how easy it is to effectively market your brand in an effective and eco-friendly way.

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