Give The Gift of Recycling to Employees and Key Contacts This Holiday!

Municipality sponsored Reusable Bags for transporting recyclable items

Take Your Marketing Green

Last week we wrote about how it’s in the reusable bags for the holidays. This week we wanted to expand a little bit on that thought with one gift that is sure to make sure customers remember your brand. And this item comes in at a great price.

Our reusable recycling bags are helpful for your employees. Plus, these recycling bags are a great way to keep staff engaged and knowing management cares no matter where they’re working from.

Here is how your business can give the gift of recycling to employees and key contacts this holiday.

Recycling Made Easy

Recycling is typically a challenge in apartments and multifamily dwellings. With a lot of people continuing to work from home, this difficulty has only been compounded.

Reusable recycling bags address the recycling problem. By making it easy to round up items for recycling in apartments and multifamily dwellings as well as in home offices, recycling bags prove their use.

Great Deal

Our reusable recycling bags are completely customizable. Adjust the design of the bag and add full-color custom printing on all sides to make the bag represent your brand and assist in recycling.

PLUS, these recycling bags are available for as low as $1.14.

Creating reusable recycling bags is a great way to make the most of your budget while expanding the reach of your brand.

Order Early

It may seem early to place an order for holiday gifts, but it’s important to get your order in right away.

Typically around the holidays, there are delays as many orders come in.

There are also concerns about material shortages as we get closer to the holidays. Ordering now means you can avoid these potential delays.

Order early and you’ll have your bags in hand and be ready to go when the holidays roll around.

Value of Going Green

Everyone knows that it’s important to recycle and our reusable recycling bags are perfect for doing just that.

These bags excel where the bins (common to curbside recycling programs) fail.

They are compact and don’t take up space. Plus, they’re very easy to place near a desk either on the floor or hung on a doorknob, or just about anyplace.

A handle on the bottom of the bag makes it easy to empty the contents while laminated fabric contains spills from food containers.

Possibly the biggest advantage of these bags is the ability to print custom artwork on all sides. Not only can you include your branding information, but you can also include helpful recycling information.

Lack of information and understanding are major deterrents to recycling. Breaking things down and explaining what can be recycled helps people make informed decisions and improves recycling rates.

Reusable recycling bags are clearly great for recycling, but they also make excellent gift bags. Throw in other eco-friendly promotional items in your custom bag to create a well-rounded and thoughtful gift your employees and key contacts will be happy to receive.

Green Holiday Season

For over a decade, we’ve been helping our customers go green through the creation of custom promotional products. These items reduce the need and use and disposable items while also helping to promote your brand.

We work directly with our factory to streamline the process, saving time and money. We also hold ISO certification which is a testament to our dedication to helping our customers and providing a quality product.

Call us at 1-866-222-0949 to place your order or get your customized quote quickly online.

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