Opposition to Bag Ban Boiling in Anchorage

Single-use plastic bag litter sitting on side of road in grass

Grassroots Movement Opposed to Bag Ban Process

Just about everyone in Anchorage agrees single-use plastic bags are a problem and reusable bags are a solution. Plastic is bad for the planet and discarded bags are a major threat to wildlife and the natural beauty of Alaska. This past August, the Anchorage Assembly voted 9-2 to ban single-use plastic bags. The hope is that by banning disposable plastic bags all residents will make the switch to reusable bags, which do not carry the environmental harm of disposable bags. However, one resident is taking a stand and began circulating a petition to overturn the ban. 

Give the People What They Want

Anchorage resident, David Nees, supports recycling and he isn’t opposed to the bag ban. He is opposed to how the ban become a law. Nees feels the people who will be impacted by the ban are the ones who should have made the decision, and not the city assembly.

In response to the bag ban, Ness has started a petition calling to overturn the measure. Nees has stated that if the measure had been placed on a ballot in the first place, and residents passed the bag ban, he would not have started the petition. To date, Nees has collected over 1,000 signatures. He needs a total of 10,000 by mid-January to achieve his goal.

Current Timeline for Plastic Bag Ban in Anchorage

Anchorage’s single-use plastic bag ban was initially scheduled to begin on March 1, 2019. Several retailers have expressed concern about being unable to use up their remaining inventory before the March 1 start date. The Economic Development Committee is scheduled to review a proposal to delay the start date of the ban until September 15, 2019. This extra time would allow local retailers to use up any disposable plastic bags they have left.

Benefits of Going Reusable

Whenever Anchorage’s bag ban becomes official, and if the ban becomes official pending the outcome of Nees’ petition, there is one takeaway. Single-use plastic bags are bad for the planet. Residents do not need to wait for a ban to stop using disposable plastic bags. People can make the switch on their own and begin using reusable bags.

Let’s Help Everyone Go Reusable Now

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