Reusable Recycling Bags Work to Support Recycling Legislation

Reusable recycling bags as part of municipality recycling program

Outreach Helps People Understand How to Recycle

Earlier, we wrote about proposed legislation that could tremendously help the recycling industry. The inspiration for these posts came from our friends at SWANA. Essentially, both pieces of legislation would provide financial resources to state and local governments with the intent to improve outreach around recycling. We are huge proponents of recycling education, which is part of why we launched our Reusable Recycling Bags. Find out how these bags inform people and why recycling outreach matters.

Apartment Recycling Setbacks

Recycling rates as a whole are not great, but recycling rates in apartments and multi-family dwellings are typically much lower than in single-family homes. Some studies have shown recycling rates in apartments hover around 10 percent, compared to 54 percent in single-family homes. This discrepancy is largely due to a lack of ease around recycling in apartments.

When recycling programs in apartment buildings exist, tenants are not always aware of the program, what items can be recycled, and where to bring things. Our solution to educating the public on recycling in multi-family dwellings is Reusable Recycling Bags.

How Reusable Recycling Bags Work

Recycling bags take the place of the bins commonly used in recycling programs for single-family homes. Tenants can collect items to be recycled in the bags. When the bag is full or convenient, tenants can easily carry items to a dumpster, bin, or collection point. Our focus is not only on multi-family dwellings, but these bags are perfect for solving that recycling problem.

Why Reusable Recycled Bags are Needed

Recycling bags make it easy for people living in multi-family dwellings, like apartments, to recycle. When it is easy to recycle, people will. Another perk of these bags is the ability to print information regarding recycling directly on the bags.

These bags not only provide a convenient way to round up and transport items for recycling, but they also provide information and troubleshoot common questions or issues. This relates back to the objectives of both the RECOVER and RECYCLE Acts. Educating people about recycling empowers them to recycle. One of the significant benefits of reusable recycling bags is that they inform people why they should recycle and how to recycle.

Certified Recycling Bags

Our bags have been certified by CalRecycle. This means they have been verified to meet the demands placed on reusable bags. Our reusable recycling bags are designed and constructed to hang in there after repeated uses. They are a long-term recycling solution in terms of assisting in recycling and educating tenants about recycling.

Create Your Own Bags

Learn more about the recently introduced recycling legislation and find out how these bipartisan efforts could completely change recycling in the U.S. for the better. If you are a property manager, landlord, or tenant in need of a recycling solution, shop our certified reusable recycling bags now and request your personalized quote.


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