You Asked, We Answered: Common Questions About Buying Custom Reusable Bags

Buying custom reusable bag in bulk - FAQs - Part 2

Wholesale custom reusable bags are an excellent marketing investment that provides a great ROI, but it makes sense to completely understand everything these bags have to offer before making a purchase. We’ve already answered some of the most common FAQs about buying custom reusable bags in bulk. We’re following up by answering common questions our customers ask so you can better understand the ordering process and how your customers will engage with your custom bags.

Q: How Do You Design a Custom Tote Bag?

Answer: We make designing custom reusable bags easy. Whether you have an agency, an in-house designer, or just an idea. We can help get you from concept to completion. With comprehensive templates, you can build and supply finished production artwork. Or you can use our in-house design capabilities. We work with you to determine the best bag size, material, and handles. From there, you just add your branding and messaging for that marketing sizzle.

Q: Ordering and Turnaround

There are two ordering options: in-stock and custom/bulk. Both prices are displayed on the product page when these options are available.

In-Stock Ordering

Our in-stock bags are already manufactured and ready to go. You select the bag style and material color and send us your artwork. We print your artwork on the existing bags and send them to you. Ordering from our in-stock selection is a good choice if you need a small quantity or your bags must be completed sooner rather than later.

Custom/Bulk Ordering

Custom and bulk orders are made to order, so we will manufacture your bags once all the specifications have been set and your artwork has been submitted and reviewed for your order. Making your bags to order gives you a greater level of customization. You can start with any of our existing reusable bag designs and make alterations, like adding pockets or zippers, using a different color for or adjusting the size of the handles or gussets, or doing anything else to make the bags look and function as you envision. You can also give us something unique and original, and we will create it. We will finish the process by printing your supplied artwork on the bags.

Bulk ordering allows you to lock in the best wholesale price for reusable bags. The higher the order quantity, the lower the unit price. Ordering in bulk is a big investment, but you secure a lower price per bag. Custom orders and orders in bulk have longer turnaround times since the bags are made to order, but it makes the best use of your budget.

Our team has been designing and manufacturing custom reusable bags for over a decade. During this time, we’ve learned a lot, and we’ll help you create something true to your vision, works for your customers, and aligns with your budget.

Q: How Many Impressions Does a Reusable Bag Provide?

Answer: Reusable bags often provide 1,940 impressions. Every time customers carry your reusable bag to either the grocery store, family outing, or general errands, they present your branding message and increase impressions. The more reusable bags you distribute, the more impressions your brand will receive.

Q: Do Reusable Bags Need to Be Cleaned?

Answer: Yes, reusable bags need to be cleaned. How the bags are used determines how often they need to be cleaned. Reusable grocery bags need routine cleaning to prevent the spread of germs or bacteria. A bag used to carry work items, like a laptop or notebook, to and from the office will benefit from an occasional cleaning.

Q: How Do You Clean Reusable Bags?

Answer: Reusable bags may have a label with washing and drying instructions; if not, clean reusable bags based on the material. Most recycled plastic bags cannot go in a dryer, and cotton may shrink in the dryer, so be careful.

Q: What Happens When the Tote Bag Wears Out?

Answer: All good things will eventually come to an end. After lots of dependable use, even the most well-made custom reusable bags will wear out. Polypropylene and rPET bags are recyclable. Check with your recycling program before tossing the bags in a recycling bin. Cotton and cloth bags can be disposed of in a textile recycling program.

A reusable bag may not be in tip-top shape to haul goods home from the grocery store, but it can still serve a purpose. Depending on the extent of the condition, upcycle slightly worn reusable bags to organize hall closets or for other uses around the home.

Keep the Questions Coming

Custom reusable bags are cost-effective and help your brand connect with customers. We’ve been helping our clients create custom bags and other products for years and would love to help you. Reach out if you have questions about any of our products or the ordering process.

Call us at 866-222-0949 or shop our full line of eco-friendly promotional items and get your custom quote.


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