2024 Promotional Product Design Trends

promotional product design trends 2024

Promotional products increase your brand’s awareness and recognition while providing a great ROI, but the design also influences the product’s effectiveness. Custom, reusable products may appeal to customers who wish to go green or appreciate the usefulness and function of the item. Still, a trendy design is also essential to help your brand get noticed. Here are some top design trends for the New Year that will help your products stand out and get noticed.

Quirky Typography

Get a little crazy or offbeat with fonts in 2024. Use fonts styled in an edgy or funky way, and don’t worry about ensuring everything is aligned and perfect. Anything hand-drawn or graffiti-inspired will hit the mark. The text must be readable, but add some quirky characters and make it unique.

Box Grid

Feature imagery and tidbits of information in a grid, giving each visual element a box of its own. The individual boxes are stacked together to create a single, large box. Using a grid layout is organized and makes it easy for consumers to get a lot of information at once. The snippets work together to create a bigger, cohesive picture. The box grid layout is similar to a comic, providing an easy and entertaining way to relay information.

Pixel Art

Blocky, chunky, pixelated visuals that bring you back to early video games and computer graphics are making a comeback. Pixel art is more than just a cool retro vibe—it’s about simplicity. The limitations of the method are also an opportunity for a skilled graphic artist to showcase their creativity, and the look stands in stark contrast to the hyper-realism that has been around for a while. Pixel art will give your marketing items a fun, playful feel.

Go Big

Maximalism is often described as more is more, and for good reason. This aesthetic is about bold colors, unique textures, striking patterns, and cohesively layering it all together. Clashing colors, geometric shapes, and a retro feel are often part of the maximalist look. Images and text are usually oriented in alternating planes, similar to the box grid aesthetic but not as calculated. Maximalist design is sometimes called cluttercore; it’s not cluttered but rather over-the-top and deliberate.

Return to Nature

If a bright and bold maximalist design is not the right feel, get back to nature. An organic look creates a sense of mindfulness and draws upon natural elements. Calming earth tones and organic-inspired wood grain or foliage textures will be big in the New Year. Shades of blue, green, brown, orange, and yellow are predicted to represent this natural trend. Pantone’s Color of the Year 2024 beautifully represents the nature trend by adding warmth to a color palette.

Get Trendy in 2024

Promotional products are effective just by their reusable nature. Elevate your promotional products with a trend-inspired design that will make the item even more appealing and exciting to your customers. The right promotional product paired with a high-quality design will take your marketing efforts to the next level. We’re here to help you create your next promotional item and ensure all eyes will be on your branding message.

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