What Are Certified Reusable Bags?

What Are Certified Reusable Bags

#GoReusableNow with The Confidence of Certified Reusable Bags

The State of California works hard to go green and a lot of that work falls to the Department of Resources, Recycling, and Recovery, known as CalRecycle. This agency helps residents of the Golden State conserve resources and recycle more. Conservation is a serious business at CalRecycle as this organization is always looking to continue and improve upon their efforts.

After California voters approved a ban of single-use plastic bags throughout the entire state in fall 2016, requirements for reusable shopping bags were established. CalRecycle now certifies reusable bag manufacturers to ensure that only reusable bags that meet the guidelines are provided. We are proud to say that our reusable bags are certified by CalRecycle.

Specific Requirements

Defining the features of reusable bags ensures that all of the bags are in fact reusable and will not further contribute to the problems associated with single-use plastic bags. In several areas, such as Honolulu County, Hawaii, after bag bans were passed, retailers began distributing thicker plastic bags. The intention was that these thicker bags could be reused, however, consumers tended not to reuse those bags and these bags continued to contribute to the buildup of litter. Establishing what exactly constitutes reusable bags, and enforcing these standards, ensures that only bags which truly are reusable are allowed.

In California, reusable bags must meet the following requirements:

– Feature handle.
– Must accommodate at least 125 uses.
– Have a volume capacity of at least 15 liters or about four gallons.
– Must be machine washable or able to be cleaned and disinfected.
– The following information must be printed on the bag or a tag adhered to the bag: the manufacturer’s name, country, explanation that the bag is reusable for at least 125 uses, and recycling instructions if applicable.

Exclusive Company

There are only 19 bag companies that are certified on CalRecycle. Out of those, most are plastic bag manufacturers. We are serious about ensuring our customers know they are working with the best and we are proud of this certification, among our others, such as: Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, California’s Proposition 65, the Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA) and Toxics in Packaging Prevention Act (Tippa).

What It Means to Be Certified

In order to be certified by CalRecycle, we had to submit information regarding each style of reusable shopping we produce. The bags are reviewed in order to confirm that they meet the state requirements for reusable bags. This is beneficial for retailers and businesses in California because they are confident that when they work with us they are receiving quality bags that meet all of the necessary requirements.

The CalRecycle certification is a testament to the quality of the products we produce, so even if your business and customers are located outside of California, you can be confident when buying our certified reusable bags. Our reusable bags are built to last and function and are truly reusable.

Order Your Certified Reusable Bags Now

The CalRecycle certification is nothing new for us as we have been certified for years, but we think it is information worth sharing with our customers in California, as well as the rest of the country. Ordering custom reusable bags can be a very involved process. Knowing where to start and what exactly you want can be challenging. The CalRecycle certification means we are serious about what we do and we can help you create high-quality reusable bags that are eco-friendly and ready to start promoting your business.

With the peace of mind that certification from CalRecycle provides, contact us today to buy certified reusable bags for your organization or business.


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