5 Tips to Help You Buy the Best Quality Custom Reusable Bags at the Best Price

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Everyone wants to score a great deal when making any worthwhile purchase. However, while saving money is great, it’s important to justify the price without sacrificing quality. High-quality reusable bags will stand up to regular use and continue to promote your business for a long time.

Learning how to find a great deal on the best quality custom reusable bags allows you to make the most of your marketing budget while effectively growing your brand. Here are some tips to get the best quality reusable bags at the best possible price.

Here Are 5 Tips to Help You Buy the Best Quality Reusable Bags at the Best Price

1. Know What You Want

This might sound simplified, but custom reusable bags come in many forms and it’s best to have a general idea of what you want to create. Bags can be any size you want from small to large and feature spacious open compartments or a variety of pockets to help your customers stay organized. Optional reinforced handles and bottoms can give bags extra support when loaded up. Insulated bags can keep frozen items chilled until they can be placed in a freezer or warm items at just the right temperature.

Take the time to figure out what you want in your reusable bags. Think about how your customers will use the bags and what features will appeal the most and be the most useful for them. The more useful your customized bags are the more your customers will use them, which means the more exposure your brand will receive. Understanding what type of bag you want to create will make it easier to get the best quality reusable bags.

2. Select the Ideal Material

Material is a major decision when creating custom reusable bags. We offer both woven and non-woven polypropylene and RPET which are all made from recycled plastic. Our sustainable offerings include cotton and jute. While all of our fabric options can create durable reusable bags, there are different pros and cons to each fabric.

Some fabrics are better suited to certain styles of bags. If you have questions or concerns about the right fabric for your reusable bags we can help.

Opting to create reusable bags from recycled content or sustainable fabrics ensures your marketing items are eco-friendly and aligned with any green goals and objectives established by your business.

3. Ask About Double Stitching

I remember one trade show I attended where I saw more “show bags” in the trash than I saw people wearing them. I even saw one bag just tossed onto the floor. The problem was a very simple one to fix. But it looked to me like the association had chosen to buy on the cheap instead of working with a trusted partner. If they had worked with a trusted partner with a proven track record, that partner would have guided them away from the cheap bags that lack double stitching.

The show bag which was supposed to be somewhat of a show-stopper fell far short and even fell off of people’s shoulders as the straps to the handle were not double-stitched.

4. Order in Bulk

Another tip (and this is a BIG ONE) to ensure you get quality reusable bags at the BEST PRICE is to order in bulk. Increasing the quantity of your order will bring the price per bag down. This will stretch your marketing budget and deliver an even better return on investment.

When tallying up how many reusable bags you need to order consider every possible use. Tally up what you think you’ll need for any events you plan to attend and consider if you want to use these bags as corporate gifts. You can always place another order if you run out, but ordering plenty upfront allows you to secure the best possible price per bag.

5. Select the Ideal Reusable Bag Manufacturer as Your Partner

Finally, one of the most important considerations when creating your reusable bags is who you will choose as your partner. Look for a company with a long track record of success of course, but there are other things you need to look for. Ask about a prospective company’s certifications.

Have they been certified by CalRecycle? Do they have quality and safety standards posted on their website or available if you ask? Do they have a capacity report to offer you? Have they performed dynamic testing? And certainly, ask if their bags are certified lead-free. If all of these questions are not answered with a resounding, “Yes, of course!”, then just move on.

You’re Ready to Start Creating Your Bags!

Creating the best quality reusable bags, at the best price, and with the best service, takes a bit of planning, but we help make the process easy. We can answer, “Yes, of course!” to all of the questions above which is why we rarely do just one job for a new client. We have been helping clients create unique and one-of-a-kind, certified, reusable bags to promote their brand for almost 30 years.

We make partnering with us easy because we have streamlined and simplified the entire process. Put our knowledge to work for your organization when you create your next batch of quality reusable bags.

Ready to order now? Answer 4 easy questions to customize your reusable bags, and we will begin the process together! 


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