Retailers Increase Sales with Reusable Laminated Shopping Bags

Reusable Laminated Shopping Bags with Pockets Make Great Gift with Purchase to Increase Sales!

If people have a custom reusable shopping bag from you they will use it, and when they use it your branding will be put on display. The ultimate goal is to get your custom branded bags to your customers. One way to do this is to include branded bags as a gift with purchase.

By giving the bags away you’re not receiving any payment, but one reusable bag can deliver thousands of impressions over the course of its lifetime, your brand will be taking part in the mission to reduce plastic and protect our planet and you can actually increase sales.

These benefits to your business and the planet are significant when custom branding reusable laminated shopping bags. The value logo’d reusable bags deliver in terms of brand recognition and lead generation, makes giving away branded reusable laminated shopping bags a win for your brand, the planet and its people. Plus, you can actually increase sales with this gift with purchase. Read on to find out how.

Using Branded Reusable Laminated Shopping Bags to Increase Sales and Awareness

Consider telling your customers upfront that they will receive a free reusable bag if they hit a specific purchase goal. For instance, if they place an order over a specific dollar amount they will receive a free bag with their order. This method may incentivize customers to place a larger order if they are close to the dollar amount because who doesn’t like free stuff?

Feature a coupon code for a free reusable bag that your customers can enter when they place an order. Again, this may offer an incentive to any customers who were thinking about placing an order, but have yet to actually order. Offering the free bag is just a little something extra that may push your customers to place an order.

You can give away specific codes at different events. For example, give out one code at a trade show to track how many people you reached who followed up with placing an order. You can create a one day only coupon code and share it on social media to determine if your business is effectively using social media.

You don’t need a reason to give branded reusable bags away. You can always just include one in each order or hand them out at events. It can be a pleasant surprise for your customers when they open a package from you and find something extra along with their order. The plan is to distribute your custom branded reusable shopping bags. In order for reusable bags to be an effective marketing tool, you need to get them out there.

Generate a Buzz with a Unique Design

A lot of people will find a purpose and use for a reusable bag. Selecting a bag that has function and a well-made construction will impress your customers with your thoughtfulness and concern; it will also increase the odds that your custom shopping bag will be your customer’s go-to reusable bag.

Our laminated shopping bags are a top staff pick and are made from non-woven recycled content fabric. We love this material for shopping bags because it carries weight more evenly so it does not rip or tear the way disposable, single-use plastic bags do. This material is water-resistant so if an item leaks or frozen food packaging develops condensation, the bag will contain the mess or moisture, and you won’t have a mess on your hands.

Since this fabric is made from recycled plastic it is eco-friendly and finds a new purpose for nonrenewable resources while streamlining the waste stream. The decorative gusset panel gives the bag visual interest, and you can select the colors to fit in with the look of your branding.

We also love this reusable shopping bag because it features a convenient front pocket, which is a great place for your customers to stash everything from a shopping list, to keys, their phone or a receipt. Extra perks like durable material, a quality construction, a handy pocket and an eye-catching design will make this bag a popular pick with your customers.

Let’s Work Together to Increase Your Sales and Help The Planet at The Same Time

If you’re ready to turn our reusable laminated shopping bags into your next promotional tool as a gift with purchase, get in touch Beth and her team can make it happen. We make the process easy (and dare I say even fun) as we have been in the business of manufacturing reusable bags for over 20 years and we love the planet friendly mission behind what we do.

If you have questions about the design or ordering process, or if you would like to request a factory direct quote on any of our items, you can reach Beth HERE and she will answer your questions and get a quote put together for you. Have an awesome work week and that you for stopping by.


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