Create an Interactive Reusable Bag for Marketing

Phone scanning a QR code.

Here’s How to Get Interactive with Your Reusable Bags for Marketing!

Marketing today is so much about creating a relationship with your prospects, deepening those relationships with existing customers and creating personalized, interactive experiences. One way to do this is by taking your customized marketing gear to the next level, with custom codes that can be scanned with a smartphone to relay information about your brand and capture data.

Quick Response codes, typically referred to as QR codes, can be printed directly on an item and are a great way to engage with your customers while also getting all of the benefits you’re already getting from utilizing custom reusable bags or other promotional products for marketing.

Reusable promotional products make great marketing tools because of their eco-friendly reusable nature. Each and every time your customers use your branded items, they are reminded of your brand, while also spreading your message to others they encounter. Incorporating QR codes gives your customers a way to interact with your brand and learn more about your company.

Use QR Codes to Collect Data and Leads

QR codes can be generated easily (just do a Google search for QR code generator) and used to bring people to a specific page on your brand’s web site or a landing page in order to increase customer insight by capturing information and leads. You can give your customers specific information to help further explain or reinforce your branding message.

This is an opportunity to start a dialog with your customers, explain who your brand is and what your brand is about. Go into detail about your green goals or a new product launch. You can collect information from your customers to fine-tune future marketing outreach, or collect the data you need to build a quote.

Further entice your customers to take a survey or fill out their contact info by offering a coupon code, or a special offer. You can print a message directly on your customized product letting your customers know to scan the code to learn more, or to receive a special offer.

Put a QR Code to Work On Your Next Marketing Piece

Scanning a QR code gives your brand the chance to relay vital information to your customers directly on their smartphones. Just getting branded gear into your customer’s hands is a great way to promote your brand, and this is a proven way to increase your brand’s awareness and recognition.

Adding a QR code lets you keep the conversation going after a trade show, event or purchase, explains more about your brand and the products or services you provide and creates an experience your prospects and customers won’t forget. Collect data and leads, learn more about your customers and then use this information to tailor future outreach.

Are you ready to design a custom reusable bag with a QR code? Do you have questions about the technology, the design or production process? Get in touch and ask to speak with Beth and she will take care of everything and get you on your way to creating a reusable bag with a unique QR code designed to bring your marketing to an new level.


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