Top 4 Eco-Friendly Promotional Marketing Tools for The Holidays

Christmas Holiday layout of gifts and sprigs and more

Get a Head Start on Your Holiday Shopping and SAVE Big!

The holidays are hectic and always end up being a busy time of year. Do your future self a favor and take care of your corporate gift giving needs now, so come December you can sit back and enjoy the festivities. Ordering early can provide your business the greatest opportunity for cost-savings. Eco-friendly promotional items make excellent corporate holiday gifts because they are in high demand. If you’re not sure which eco-friendly promotional marketing item is right for your brand, then check out these four options that are sure to spread holiday cheer and your branding message.

1. Custom Wine Bags

Custom wine bags are a great option for wineries, distilleries and liquor stores, and they also make great gift bags if you are gifting an excellent vintage or a bottle of bubbly. These bags feature separate compartments, so each individual bottle is cushioned and protected. The boarded bottom evenly distributes weight and the reinforced handles make these bags easy to confidently carry.

Our wine bags can also be completely customized. You can select the fabric color and we can print your artwork on the bag to make it fit in with the look and feel of your brand. You can also alter the design of the bag because when we say customized, we really mean it. Add pockets or change up the handle length, alter the size of the compartments or anything else in order to make these bags fit your exact specifications.

2. Seed Holiday Cards

Holiday cards are a traditional way to send warm wishes, but give your cards a unique and memorable spin by opting for our seed holiday cards. Seeds are embedded in the paper, creating a varied and natural texture. You can design your own card, or we can help, and print your holiday sentiment onto the seed paper.

Most holiday cards are tossed in the recycling bin, or even worse the trash, after the holidays and that’s that. These seed paper cards can be planted either in a flower pot on a sunny windowsill or outdoors, weather permitting, and as the paper breaks down the seeds will germinate and plants will grow. The plants are a fun reminder of your brand and also show your brand’s commitment to going green.

3. Custom Bags for Gifts

Most wrapping paper and gift bags are recyclable, however, these materials are seldom recycled. Reusable bags are an eco-friendly alternative to gift bags. Creating custom bags for gifts reduces the need and use of paper gift wrap and bags while also creating a promotional item your clients can continue to use. The design of the bag can be customized to fit your gift or just go with a spacious bag that fills in as a grocery bag or for anything else after the holidays.

4. Eco-Straws

EVERYONE wants these right now. Single-use plastic straws are bad for the environment. There has been a very swift backlash against straws and several cities and towns across the country have even banned disposable plastic straws. Many restaurants are also opting to no longer hand out plastic straws.

For many people, straws are a convenience item and just about everyone has gotten used to having straws readily accessible. For people with different types of disabilities, straws are a necessity. Reusable eco-straws are in high demand as people look for alternatives to single-use plastic straws. Handing out customized eco-straws as your corporate holiday gift helps to reduce trash and litter while also showing your clients you are thoughtful and clued in to what they want or need.

Start Planning for the Holidays

Eco-friendly, customized promotional items are always a good idea when it comes to growing your brand. Promotional gear also makes great holiday gifts by providing a useful item for your customers that will also spread the word about your brand. Custom wine bags, seed paper cards, custom bags for gifts and eco-straws are all great marketing tools for the holidays. Many of these items require a few weeks turnaround, so placing your order now ensures you will have items with plenty of time to spare before the holidays.

If you have questions about any of these products or anything else in our lineup, or if you need a quote then get in touch. We’re here to help!


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