Top Three Reusable Shopping Bags for Marketing

Top Three Reusable Shopping Bags for Marketing

Find the Right Bag for the Job

Promotional marketing is an effective way to grow your brand. However, if you find just the right product to market your brand it can make all the difference in your efforts. Certain styles of bags appeal more to certain demographics, so when you find a bag that your customers really like, those customers will be more apt to use that bag. The more your customers use your branded bags the more they will think about your business and the more exposure your brand will receive. Here are some of the top reusable shopping bags for marketing. 

Hurricane Bags

Our Hurricane bags are designed to hold up under demanding use and look great the entire time. The heavy-weight polypropylene material is strong while the reinforced bottom and handles can support heavy loads up to 25 pounds. The material is made from recycled content, meaning it is eco-friendly, but it can also be recycled when the time eventually comes for added peace of mind. Measuring 13″W x 15″H x 10″G, the Hurricane bags are big enough to fit a variety of items, making it a favorite with shoppers.

All-In-One Grocery Tote

One of our newer offerings is our All-In-One Grocery Tote. These bags were designed to make easy work of carrying a variety of items all at once. Four interior bottle holders provide extra cushion and protection for glass bottles, while also evenly distributing weight for more comfortable carrying. These interior pockets also ensure items remain upright, so a heavy bottle of tomato sauce or wine will not tip over and crush delicate items like bread or eggs.

These all-in-one grocery totes also boast 2 pockets for additional organization and storage. The bottom insert gives the bag extra support when carrying a heavy load and the 22″ long handles easily slip over a shoulder to allow for simple hands-free carrying. The heavy-weight non-woven polypropylene material is also made from recycled content, meaning these bags will stay true to your brand’s green goals and initiatives.

Ecolife Insulated Totes

These totes pull double-duty and are just a regular grocery bag when needed, but the insulating material provides an extra function. These Ecolife Insulated Totes feature a thermal film interior construction, which means the bag works to keep cold items placed in the bag chilled while also retaining the heat when hot items are placed inside. The zipper closure further helps to maintain the ideal temperature inside the spacious bag. Whether your customers need to keep an ice cream cake chilled or a rotisserie chicken warm, this insulated tote is up to the task.

Reinforced handles and a large exterior pocket provides additional function while the recycled content means this bag will align with your green goals.

Find the Right Bag

With any type of marketing, you really need to know your audience to create outreach that is interesting, appealing and effective. This holds true for promotional marketing, and these are just some of the reusable shopping bags for marketing that are part of our lineup.

Learn more about all of our offerings and find out just how easy it is to customize all of our reusable bags and products specifically to your audience and design your own reusable shopping bag.


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