Save the Birds! Switch to Reusable Bags and Ditch The Single-Use Plastic

Close-up view of pile of single use plastic products garbage sitting on a sand dune - Beach pollution

#GoReusableNow and Make a Difference

The sad reality is that single-use plastic tends to end up as litter. We all know plastic is bad for the planet and litter is a problem, but it turns out that the plastic problem could be more involved than what we all thought initially.

Find out what recent studies have uncovered about plastic pollution and how eco-friendly promotional products can help turn things around.

Habitat Harm

The red-legged cormorants live in northern Chile along the coast of the Atacama Desert.

These marine birds gather materials in their immediate surroundings to build their nests.

Studies have found plastic litter, such as industrial plastic bulk bags, disposable plastic bags, and fishing gear used to construct nests.

While resourcefulness is usually a good trait, there is concern about this for the species. Plastic litter is damaging to animals in two ways. Animals can ingest debris or become entangled in the trash.

Dangerous Consumption

Plastic litter can pose a choking hazard to animals. If an animal manages to ingest plastic, it is still a threat. The animal’s body may absorb toxins from the plastic.

The full impact of this damage is not known.

A plastic blockage in the digestive system can be fatal.

Plastic is not digestible, so if it does not pass, it can take up space in the animal’s stomach, creating a false sense of fullness.

This essentially causes an animal to starve to death since it does not seek the nutrition needed to survive.

Animals consuming plastic can also harm the predators or scavengers that ultimately eat an animal with plastic in its digestive system. That plastic may be transferred to other animals and continue to pose a threat.

Left Defenseless

If animals become tangled in discarded plastic, they may be left unable to defend themselves or their young from predators.

While the relationship between predators and prey is natural and bound to play out, litter may tip the scales in favor of the predators.

This can have more significant ramifications and impact the entire ecosystem in an area.

Surrounded by Plastic

Red-legged cormorant chicks are surrounded by plastic from the very start. They may consume plastic from the nest, which can be fatal in all of the ways already covered.

As Mauricio Urbino, a zoologist at Chile’s University of Concepcion, explains, “It’s only really in the last five years or so that we have seen a surge in studies revealing the true scale of the amount of plastic contamination on our planet, with most of its detrimental effects reported in our oceans. The worrying thing is that, if we don’t reduce plastic use now, it is only going to get worse.”

Going Plastic-Free

One way to address the plastic problem is to reduce the amount of litter generated.

Chile first began efforts to ban single-use plastic bags in 2017. While things did not go exactly as planned, disposable plastic bags are now banned in Chile.

This bag ban was in response to the amount of litter piling up and concern about the long-term ramifications of this litter.

Plastic bag bans are an effective way to reduce the amount of litter. Although, people can always opt for reusable alternatives to reduce trash and litter.

Your business can help by creating custom reusable shopping bags.

Whether your customers are located in an area impacted by a bag ban or not (you can check out our bag ban map to find out), reusable bags are always helpful and will be sure to be put to use.

Let’s Make a Difference

We have been helping our customers go green and create reusable promotional products for over a decade.

We work directly with our factory, which allows for a greater degree of customization while also eliminating redundancies which ultimately saves time and money.

We are also passionate about the environment, and we hold a variety of ISO certifications.

We can help you create custom reusable bags that will help reduce the amount of litter in the world and grow your brand. Start now and design your own bag for marketing or retail use.


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