Throw your paper on the ground, not into the trashcan

Sprouting seed paper

Did you know that…

  • …more than 900 million trees are cut down yearly to supply raw materials for paper and pulp mills in the US?
  • …the average web user prints 28 pages daily?
  • …35% of landfill waste is paper?

The amount of daily paper consumption worldwide is shocking. Even if there are numerous of ways to cut down the “cutting down” of trees – sending e-mails rather than printed memos, recycling all the used paper in your home and office, or using both sides of each sheet – we cannot entirely eliminate the use of paper. The good news is that there ARE ways you can still help Mother Earth. One of the easiest ways? Using seed paper.

What is seed paper?

Seed paper is a kind of handmade paper that is manufactured from biodegradable recycled fibers that include seeds of plants and flowers. There are even manufacturers that offer services that enable their clients to choose what kind of seed they want to incorporate into the seed paper – their favorite flower, vegetable, herb or plant.

How to use seed paper?

Like any other kind of paper, you can write on, print on, fold, cut, and crumple a seed paper. The only thing that is different with seed paper is how you dispose of it after use – plant it in a pot or in your garden! After a few weeks, you can see your plant start growing.

Why should you use seed paper?

It is a fact that paper comes from trees. Wouldn’t it be great if you put the paper you used back to where it belongs? There are so many benefits of using seed paper – to you, to Mother Earth, to other human beings and the generations to come. One, using it would lessen your paper waste. Two, you can beautify your home or neighborhood every time you “dispose” of your paper. Three, you are doing your part as a responsible steward of our planet. Four, you are starting a green revolution in your home and neighborhood. The list goes on and on and on!

Where can you use seed paper?

Utilizing the wonders of seed paper does not require any special needs. You can use this “green” paper like you would any other kind you can find in your home: party invites, thank you notes, wrapping paper for gifts, drawing paper for children and a whole lot more!

Not only that you can use seed paper for almost any paper need in your home, you can also maximize its amazing use in your business! Whether you’re just starting in the industry or a big company, there are numerous ways to benefit from the use of seed paper!

  • Business cards – You will surely get a positive feedback once you give this out to your clients! Not only that you want to earn some green, you’re also practicing “green” business.
  • Postcards – Whether you give this to a client for his or her birthday, as an invite for an event, or a holiday card, this will surely stand out among the competition.
  • Shape packs – Can work as giveaways, gift tags or whatever you want these to be. You can have it made in your favorite shape!

These are just some of the functional uses of seed paper that is available for your business. The possibilities are endless and you would be surprised with the fantastic effects of using seed paper in your company – not to mention the tremendous positive results it will have to the environment. Do you want to know more about how incredibly green and useful seed paper is? Check out our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter and know more how rewarding it is to “throw” your paper trash on the ground and see it turn into something beautiful.



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