Folding Seed Cards

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$2.14 In Stock
  • 1-sided printing included
  • Folding cards with optional custom printing on the inside, front and back in full color
  • Die-cut seed paper and die-cut card stock
  • 100% biodegradable and recyclable
  • Card features slot to secure custom shape seed paper
  • Seed embedded paper with a diverse mix of annual and perennial wildflower seeds
  • A2 envelope included
  • Rush shipping available


Make your message bloom with our wholesale folding cards that accommodate custom die-cut custom seeded paper. Folding seed cards are an environmentally friendly way to promote your company. Infused biodegradable wildflower seed paper that sprout a couple weeks after being planted. This distinctive marketing tool will stand out and will get your organization noticed. Choose from a variety of seed paper colors and cut-out shapes. You can also print your logo and message in full color on the front, inside and back of the folding card. The card stock is recyclable for added convenience.