The Ocean Cleanup Is Fact Not Fiction Thanks to Boyan Slat

The Ocean Cleanup Is On!

Trash in the oceans is a big problem, particularly plastic trash, since it is not biodegradable. As has been well documented, ocean trash is picked up by currents and results in massive garbage patches comprised of large pieces of trash as well as tiny particles of plastic. Through the work of a young, Dutch inventor, it is possible that a solution to ocean trash and garbage patches may have been found.

The Problems Caused by Plastic Trash in the Oceans

The flotillas of garbage are a threat to marine animals and their habitats. Animals can become tangled in the trash and left unable to fend for or defend themselves. As the plastic is tossed around in the currents and exposed to sunlight, it will break apart into smaller and smaller pieces.

These tiny pieces of plastic are easily ingested by marine animals becoming a part of our food chain. Once plastic is introduced into the food chain it travels upward as predators capture and eat prey. When eaten, chemicals from plastic can leach into the animal’s flesh. At this time, the full extent of plastic entering the food chain in terms of the health ramifications are not completely known.

The Ocean Cleanup Is Fact Not Fiction Thanks to Boyan SlatThe Ocean Cleanup Solution

An inventor, Boyan Slat, came up with a plan to clean up the plastic trash floating in the oceans. The premise is to use the ocean’s currents to collect trash. Floating barriers with nets hanging beneath are strategically placed, and the currents funnel the trash to a collection point.

Once rounded up, trash is sorted and recycled. What is really ingenious about this plan is that it does not require any external energy source. The current does the work, allowing this project to help resolve the problem of plastic trash without inflicting any additional damage on the planet.

In 2013 Slat founded The Ocean Cleanup in order to put his idea into action. To date this non-profit employs 40 people, and has raised $2.2 million as they work towards the goal of making ocean trash a thing of the past.

Is Ocean Trash a Problem of the Past?

Slat believes his method could clean up the largest trash collection in the ocean in just 20 years. This cleanup project is scheduled to begin in the year 2020. Recently, a prototype was installed in the North Sea off the Dutch coast. The prototype will be in place for one year and the team hopes to gather data concerning how their equipment fares in extreme conditions.

The plan put forth by The Ocean Cleanup is very promising and could be a viable solution to cleaning up the world’s oceans. Still, it will take a lot of testing and once the barriers and nets are put in place, the actual cleanup will take time.

The idea is very exciting and we’ll definitely keep an eye on this project and what The Ocean Cleanup achieves. In the meantime, remember to recycle and opt for reusable products at home and at work, so the ocean trash problem does not continue to grow.

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