Can Schools Lead By Example When Teaching Sustainability to Kids?

Green our kids with reusable bags

Schools Can Lead By Eco-Example with Reusable Bags

Schools are the perfect place to lead by example and implement new and greener choices that will not only help reduce their carbon footprint, but it will also show students how easy it is to go green and how small tasks can have a major impact. Single use plastic bags kill wildlife, add to litter, and cause a heap of environmental problems (find out more in THIS post) and unfortunately, like our friend Activist Abby says, the brunt of this problem will fall to future generations who did not cause it.

However, teaching students about responsible management of resources and sustainability will help curb the problem and give these students the tools to make informed eco decisions throughout their life. Any campaigns you can launch to get students using reusable bags is great, but also think about ways to get reusable bags into the hands of the teachers, staff and parents since the example they set can inspire students, too.

Want a great resource for kids? Check out our Interactive Bag Ban Map

Highlight Achievements with Reusable Bags

Maybe your school has a staff member or student of the month program – either way, reusable bags are a nice item to hand out to people who do a good job as a small token of appreciation. Highlighting someone’s positive performance will make them feel good about themselves and the job they’ve done and encourage them to continue to do a good job.

Reusable Bags Make a Great Incentive for Volunteering or Participating in Events

Reusable bags are a great incentive to give to folks who join the Parent Teacher Association, participate in helping put on fundraisers and other special events or assist in other ways. People who volunteer give a lot of their time and giving them a reusable bag is a nice gesture to show gratitude.

Choose Your Style, Customize, and Make a Difference

Reusable bags come in all sorts of shapes and styles – there is the tried and true reusable shopping bag that is always a favorite, as well as messenger style bags, drawstring backpacks, insulated lead-free lunch totes kids can customize to make their own and more.Insulated lead free lunch tote kids can color When people make the switch to reusable bags it reduces the need and use of disposable bags, so that means less trash is thrown into landfills and less litter is tossed in our neighborhoods and animal’s habitats. Regardless of the style, reusable bags are just plain handy and everyone can find a use for them. Also remember that our bulk pricing allows you to secure a better price per bag when you place a large order, so stock up!

You can design a bag that features the school colors and include a logo or the school’s mascot, or maybe a message indicating an achievement, like student of the month or participation in a fundraiser. Our bags feature quality materials and well-made designs for long-term use that will show the recipients you value their time and contributions while also helping the planet.

Love to hear your ideas on ways schools can lead by example when teaching sustainability to kids. Let us know by leaving a comment below or by connecting with us through our social media.

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