Transform an Old T-Shirt Into a Reusable Bag

Why You Should Use a Reusable Bag

Bring a Reusable Bag Whenever You Shop

Better Management of Waste to Help the Environment – Recycled Textiles are an Untapped Resource

According to an EPA estimate only 15 percent of textile waste is reused or recycled, making used textiles a largely untapped resource. This material already exists, so why not use it in manufacturing? When clothing, sheets and towels, curtains and other materials wear out and are not suitable for donation don’t toss them in the trash.

When fabrics are thrown away they are carted off to a landfill where they will take up space until they breakdown, which can take a long time. Instead of wasting this space and these perfectly good resources, recycle your worn out textiles and give them a new lease on life.  These items are used to make home goods, insulation, and even reusable bags.

Bring a Reusable Bag Whenever You Shop

In a recent blog post USAgain, a textile recycling outfit, makes a very valid case as to why shoppers should not only pick up reusable shopping bags when they head out to the supermarket, they should use them for tons of things. Reusable bags are perfect for carrying anything really. Grab a reusable bag when you head to a bakery, drugstore or pharmacy, homeware or hardware store, department store or mall, or anyplace.

You want to make sure to designate bags for specific uses, so don’t grab a reusable shopping bag you use for groceries when you go in search of a new pair of shoes or deck screws (but you can use the same bags for non-food items). If you visit your nearest mall and purchase several items one reusable bag can do the work of several disposable bags, and typically a reusable bag is more comfortable to carry. Stash some freshly cleaned reusable bags in your car, so you’ll always be prepared when you run errands.

Why to use a reusable bag

Bring your reusable bags everywhere

You Can Even Recycle Your Clothes Into a Reusable Bag!

USAgain’s post also leads to instructions to transform an old t-shirt into a reusable bag – this can be a handy do-it-yourself project and also a way to continue to use and display a favorite shirt with a snappy logo or a clever catchphrase.

USAgain’s blog post also references our Life Cycle of a Plastic Bag infographic which makes us absolutely thrilled and flattered that they would include this. Most of the plastic bags people use come from grocery stores, but there is no reason why shoppers should not bring their reusable bags whenever they shop. Check out USAgain and next time you clean out your closet, please remember to recycle items instead of throwing them in the trash.

UPDATE 7-8-19: The link we previously provided to create a reusable bag from a T-shirt no longer works. Check out THIS link instead.



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