Why Custom Reusable Shopping Bags Are Good for The Environment

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A Simple Bag Makes a Huge Impact

Custom reusable shopping bags do a lot of good for the environment. From the materials to the construction, when shoppers opt to carry their purchase home in custom reusable shopping bags, it can have a positive impact on their local community and the planet. Many consumers prefer reusable bags because plastic is bad for the planet. Find out why custom reusable shopping bags are good for the environment and how you and your business can help the planet by making the switch.

Eco-Friendly Material

From recycled options, like woven or non-woven polypropylene or rpet, to sustainable fabrics, like cotton, jute and even bamboo, custom reusable shopping bags can be made from a variety of materials. The benefit of using recycled content to manufacture reusable bags, is that the bags can be recycled when they are fulfill their usefulness. Sustainable fabrics can be recycled or composted when the time comes.

The majority of the plastic packaging manufactured, including disposable plastic shopping bags, ends up in landfills. Plastic does not biodegrade, or rather, safely break down and absorb into the ground, so when disposable plastic bags end up in landfills that is where they stay. Unless the wind carries them away and they end up as litter. When materials that do not safely break down end up in landfills, the landfill will continue to grow. Recycling and composting are eco-friendly practices that keep trash out of landfills and eliminates litter.

Durable Construction

Custom reusable shopping bags are designed to hang in there for use over and over again. This durability allows shoppers to make the most of these eco-friendly alternatives. Under normal use, reusable bags can last for about six years. With the average American family using about 1,500 single-use shopping bags each year, reusable shopping bags can eliminate a substantial number of disposable plastic bags.

Supply and Demand

More and more consumers prefer working with brands that practice sustainability. Promoting your brand with eco-friendly reusable shopping bags is a great way to help the planet and reduce trash, while also showing your customers that your brand is taking environmental action. Integrating sustainable practices into your business, including your marketing, not only helps the planet, but builds trust between your brand and your customers.

Cost-Effective Marketing Solution

Reusable shopping bags are relatively inexpensive and can cost anywhere from less than $1 to a few dollars, depending on the specifics and level of customization. Reusable bags deliver a stunning return on investment, given that they can last for many years.

Make a Difference

Custom reusable bags are good for the environment by reducing trash and streamlining waste management. Many consumers want to make a difference and are making the switch to reusable bags. Find out how your brand can make a difference and give your customers an eco-friendly option to carry their groceries home by signing up with our newsletter.


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