Are You Making This Common Mistake When Pitching Your Business?

Is Your Business Pitch on Target?

There is one very fundamental part of pitching your business that a lot of people overlook, or just don’t know to include. Making this change when you give a pitch can make a huge difference. I learned about this important technique on the Advertising Specialty Institute’s (ASI) Facebook page when they posted an article and video about introducing yourself.

What’s this key piece of information you should include the next time you shake a new prospect’s hand? You need to explain the value you bring to the table. Explain in very simple terms, not only your name, company name and your position at your company, but also explain how your services or products work for your customers. This sounds so easy and straightforward, but it doesn’t always come naturally and when the value you bring to your clients is not mentioned, it could be costing you business.

Explain the Value

When talking to customers or potential customers, do not assume they know what you’re talking about. In very clear, simple terms describe who you and your company are, what you offer and how this benefits your customers.

You want to let people know how it would benefit them to work with you, so your prospects are aware and can make an informed decision. By doing so, you will create a bond and a rapport with people and they’ll feel connected to your brand. When customers understand your value and have this connected feeling, there are greater odds of converting the sale.

Keep It Simple

Your pitch should be clear and concise. Avoid cliches and big words. If your audience does not understand you, it is not very likely they’ll tell you. For instance, if you use big words or an expression they are not familiar with they probably won’t speak up and ask for further explanation. By failing to explain the value and create a connection you can tank the sale.

Another risk of using big words is that you run the risk of customers feeling like you are talking down to them. You want your prospective customers to feel comfortable and at ease, and if you fail to achieve this, people will not connect with your brand, and they may even develop a negative impression of you and your brand. A simple explanation makes it easy for your prospects to understand and creates a level of relatability.

Don’t Forget to Practice Pitching Your Business

Once you’ve figured out your key talking points, make sure to practice your delivery. When you speak you should sound natural and maintain a conversational tone. Avoid rushing through your statement, or sounding like you are reading off from a page.

It might be a good idea to get started by writing out your pitch, but when it comes time to actually give your pitch, you should sound at ease and comfortable. Run through your pitch until you have it committed to memory, and you can easily and comfortably go through the statement and hit the key points.

How Do You Pitch Your Business?

An effective pitch should make clear who you are, what you do and why your customers and potential customers need the products or services your brand offers. Relaying this information in a clear and easy to understand way can will create a bond between your customers and your brand and improve the effectiveness when you are pitching your business. You want to be informative and relatable.

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