Why Use Reusable Bags?

Why Use Reusable Bags?

So Really, Why Use Reusable Bags?

This is quickly becoming a question a lot of people are asking and with good reason. Why should you use reusable bags when in a lot of places, you can get disposable plastic bags for free? Well it turns out that those free bags really aren’t free and there is a whole slew of reasons why you should stock up on reusable shopping bags.

Reusable Bags Do Away with the Need for Disposable Plastic Bag

The negative environmental impact of single-use plastic bags is a major reason to make the change to reusable bags. From destruction of habitats to killing animals to clogging drainage systems, disposable plastic bags cause a lot of harm. The ramifications of plastic bags and the resulting litter has been very well documented, so we won’t Why Use Reusable Bags?get into again here, but it cannot go without mention that reusable grocery bags help the planet by eliminating the use of disposable plastic bags which do not break down and are very hard to recycle. Reusable bags are eco simply be being reusable, but when they are made from sustainable or recycled materials it makes them even more environmentally friendly.

Unmatched Durability

Reusable shopping bags are incredibly durable. The materials are selected to withstand the weight and heft of a heavy load and the stitching ensures the bag will hang in there. By comparison, disposable plastic bags are prone to rips and tears and once a single-use plastic bag has a tear it is game over. The rip will grow and the bag can fall apart, making it completely useless. Reusable shopping bags deliver years of dependable use.

There is a Reusable Bag for That

Why Use Reusable Bags?At their most basic, reusable shopping bags are just that, bags with handles, and sometimes this is all you need to get the job done, but sometimes specially designed bags can make your life so much easier.

Insulated bags ensure frozen items will not thaw on the trip home, or they can also keep a precooked meal warm, so when you get home you can serve your meal instead of heating it up.

Wine totes feature padded compartments that protect glass bottles during transport and are great for wine and liquor bottles, but they are also just plain handy for carrying soda bottles, jars of sauce or basically anything that fits in the compartments. Such bags also typically feature a reinforced bottom to evenly distribute the weight and make carrying comfortable. Standard reusable grocery bags fill a need and are certainly handy, but consider picking up a specialized bag with a specific purpose to make your reusable bag collection versatile and functional.

Save Money at the Checkout

The cost of disposable plastic bags is worked into the price charged at the checkout, so while people think they are getting these bags for free, they really aren’t. A lot of stores are now offering discounts, typically about 5 cents, for each reusable grocery bag customers bring and use. It isn’t a huge amount of money, but it’s something and overtime it can really add up, and ultimately this savings will offset the cost of purchasing reusable bags. It makes sense that you would not pay for single-use plastic bags if you’re not using them.

Did We Miss Anything?

From the eco qualities, to the durability, the ability to perform specialized tasks and the cost savings there are so many perks to using reusable bags. For those of you who don’t use reusable bags are you convinced you should give them a try now? Or for those of you who do use reusable shopping bags, did we miss anything?


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