How Sustainable Trade Show Sponsorships and Well Placed Eco-Branding Can Yield Big Results

How to Go Eco-Friendly at the Tradeshow

Don’t forget about going green (or maybe going greener) when you exhibit at tradeshows

How to Go Eco-Friendly at Trade Shows

Making the decision to lead an eco-friendly existence can be daunting, as well as incredibly rewarding. It’s important to remember that being eco-friendly is a constantly evolving process be it at home or at work. As products and services change, there will always be new ways to incorporate green practices into your business, or newer, greener updates to existing methods and techniques.

It may be easier to make your day-to-day routine green, and this is certainly where you will have the most impact, but don’t forget about going green (or maybe going greener) when you exhibit at trade shows. Preparing for a trade show is an intense, all-hands-on-deck type of process, so the notion of implementing green practices may seem out of reach, but don’t worry. We’ve got some simple ways to go eco-friendly at your next trade show.

Branded Recycling Bins

Check with the trade show organizers and see if there are opportunities to lend your branding info and booth number to the recycling bins. This action will show those attending the trade show that you take recycling and responsible management of resources seriously.

Every time someone walks past the bins or tosses in an item to recycle they will see your logo and booth number, and this may be all it takes to convince them to pay you a visit. Exposing folks to your branding also creates a sense of familiarity, so when folks see your branding message they will recognize it. People tend to like things they are familiar with, so some cleaver branding placement will create a buzz and a sense of familiarity.

If you are a trade show organizer or association, you may want to offer this new, green sponsorship opportunity if you are looking for new ways to gain sponsorships and create a greener trade show.

Carbon Offsets

Why not use renewable energy offsets for your travel to and from the trade show?  Some of the most common offsets are wind farms, biomass energy, or hydroelectric dams – these are clean and sustainable power sources. To help you get an idea of how much greenhouse gas your company emits in travel to and from the trade show, check out one of the many calculators on the web – the EPA has a great one.

Be sure to let the people who visit your booth know about the offsets.  Some individuals and businesses prefer to do work with likeminded companies, and you want to make sure your customers and clients know that you just don’t talk a big game, but you follow through on your green goals.

If you are a trade show organizer, you may want to think about offering a carbon offset sponsorship to offset power used by the trade show and exhibitors.

Renewable Energy

If you are a trade show organizer, you may want to think about offering a carbon offset sponsorship to offset power used by the trade show and exhibitors.

Sustainable Promotional Products

Printing your branding message on a reusable product constructed from sustainable materials allows you to promote your company and increase your brand recognition while getting the word out about sustainability, too. If you decide to go with a reusable bag choose from fabric made from recycled plastic or renewable raw materials like cotton or jute. Make a clear and concise statement with full color graphics and text, so your customers learn about your brand and the products or services you offer, but also take care to educate folks about your green goals and the things you do to stay true to your ambitions.

If you are a trade show association or event planning company, be sure to offer an eco-friendly option for your event bags.

Create A Greener Logo and a Greener Tomorrow

Going green not only allows you to practice your business in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner, but it also puts you in the position of role model and leverages your brand as one that is a leader on the eco-friendly front. Paying careful attention to where and how your logo is displayed at trade shows and other events while also tying your branding into your green goals will not only increase your brand recognition, but it will also help inspire your customers to follow your lead…and, you will be doing your part to create a greener tomorrow.



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