5 Benefits to Marketing with Eco-Friendly Custom Reusable Bags at Trade Shows


TSNN Recap: 5 Benefits to Marketing at Tradeshows with Eco-Friendly, Custom Reusable Bags

In a recent guest post for TSNN, I wrote about the  benefits of marketing at tradeshows with eco-friendly reusable bags. From the eco qualities to the return on your investment (ROI), and the proven effectiveness at establishing and maintaining your brand’s awareness, there are a lot of advantages to utilizing custom reusable bags as promotional products. For a roundup of five reasons why you should consider making your next tradeshow giveaway an eco-friendly custom reusable bag check this out.

  1. Get Noticed. A custom reusable bag represents your brand by featuring your corporate colors, logo, slogans, contact information, QR code and any other relevant information. When you can get a reusable bag like this into your customer’s hands, they will be reminded of your brand each and every time they pick up your branded bag. If that isn’t enough of a reason to create your very own branded reusable bag, consider this. When your customer’s use your reusable bag, they will for all practical purposes be carrying a sign promoting your brand. Just about everyone they encounter while using your branded bag will see your marketing message and either be introduced or reminded of your company and the products or services you provide.
  2. Do Right by the Planet. The reusable nature of our bags eliminates the need for disposable bags. This means there is less trash headed for landfills. All of our reusable bags are made from materials that are either sustainable or recycled, so our bags are very eco-friendly.
  3. Reach Your Brand’s Green Goals. Eco-friendly promotional products align with any green goals or statements your company has made. It is important to be consistent, and reusable products, like grocery bags, made from recycled or sustainable fabrics show your customers and followers that your company is serious in your commitment to the planet and you are true to your word.
  4. Enjoy an Incredible ROI. Our reusable bags usually hang in there for 3 – 6 years. How frequently your customers use your branded bag ultimately determines their longevity, but our reusable bags are built to last and feature durable materials and a quality construction. When you purchase reusable bags this is an investment that will be paying off for years to come. When the bag has lived its usefulness, it can go right into the recycling bin.
  5. Create a Buzz at Your Next Tradeshow. People walking a tradeshow normally pick up a lot of stuff. From business cards to catalogs to takeaways every exhibitor is handing out something. Reusable bags make a great giveaway because it is something really useful your prospects and customers will be able to use and appreciate on the spot and long after. A well-made custom reusable bag can quickly become the must-have takeaway at a tradeshow or other industry event, and this can drive visitors to your booth. The more people walk around a tradeshow toting your custom reusable bag the more exposure your brand receives during the event. Reusable bags are also very handy and useful long after the tradeshow ends, so your brand will continue to receive exposure.

Let’s Work Together to Create the Perfect Custom Reusable Bag for Your Brand

Custom reusable bags have so much to offer and they make it easy to promote your brand in an eco-friendly and budget-friendly way while also increasing your brand’s awareness and recognition. If you have questions about how to put custom eco-friendly reusable bags to work for your brand get in touch and we’d love to help you out.


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  2. David

    Awesome article! This is great especially because people walk around the trade show and they pick up stuff, and a bag is definitely useful.

    • Shane Shirley, CMO Post author

      As you know, David, bags never go out of style! Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week! Shane


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