Here’s a Great GO GREEN Idea for Your School…At A DEEP Discount!

Four reusable bags with caption help your school go green!

Create Excitement and Make a Difference

More schools are looking for ways to go green and for good reason.

Schools can generate a lot of trash.

Increased efforts to swap out disposable items for reusable alternatives and to recycle the items that are used are gaining traction. These steps can dramatically help improve the waste stream and reduce litter. We have some great go green project ideas for school!

Make Recycling Easy

One of the biggest deterrents to recycling is convenience. When recycling is easy, people are more apt to recycle.

We offer bags for recycling that make recycling very easy. They are similar to the bins or cans commonly used in classroom or dorm settings, but they are foldable bags.

The bag design is proven to increase participation in recycling programs in situations in which bins or cans have not proven effective.

Our reusable recycling bags can be used to collect items for recycling. The bag can then be carried to a dumpster or collection point dedicated to collecting recyclables.

These bags feature a simple but effective design. Some of the features include:

  • Durable construction
  • Dual handle design makes it easy to hang the bags, so they’re accessible
  • Long handles allow for easy hands-free carrying
  • The bottom handle makes it easy to empty the contents into a collection bin or larger receptacle

Recycled Content

Not only do these reusable recycling bags make it easy to go green and recycle, but they up the green ante thanks to the recycled content used in their construction.

Recycled content gives new use and purpose to existing materials and helps to keep these materials out of landfills.

What’s more, is that when these bags have fulfilled their use and it’s time to retire a bag, it can be recycled and the process starts all over.

Customizable Design

Perhaps one of the best features of these reusable recycling bags is the ability to completely customize the design and the look. The bags can be altered in any way that will help them function, but what’s even better, is they support full-color printing on all sides.

We can print custom artwork on the bag so they become educational tools. Include information to simplify recycling. Explain how the bag can be used to collect items and where those items can be brought when the bag is full. Help people understand what can (and what cannot) be recycled so items are properly sorted and disposed of.

Great Go Green Project Ideas for School

Introducing reusable recycling bags is a great way for your school to go green and improve recycling.

Raise awareness and increase excitement around these bags by opening up a design contest for your students. Give them some parameters or let their creativity run wild and see who comes up with the best design.

Secure a Great Deal

We make it even easier for schools and universities to go green with our Educational Discount.

Order a minimum of 1,500 pieces and you’ll get Next Column Pricing on any custom reusable bag order.

Next column pricing means you can receive the unit price reserved for ordering a larger quantity, so you can lock in a lower price per bag while still ordering the quantity you need.

Let’s Go Green Together

We are happy to help organizations go green and we’ve been doing so through the creation of custom reusable bags for over 10 years.

We are passionate about helping our clients and the planet and this dedication are evident through our ISO certification.

Find out how you can land a great deal on reusable recycling bags, or any of our reusable bags for your institution and launch a great go green project for your school!


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