12 Ways to Green Your Work From Home (WFH) Lifestyle

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Take Care of Business While Going Green

Despite all of the challenges and setbacks brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, one surprising benefit is the ability to work from home (WFH). There was a lot of trial and error in the beginning and there have certainly been frustrations, but now that a lot of employees have a year of WFH experience, this is a perk some don’t want to see go away.

A recent poll conducted by Blind shows that a staggering one-third of employees would quit if they had to return to working in an office.

It looks like this WFH lifestyle is here to stay and what better way to work than green! Here are some ideas for ways you can go green while working from home.

1. #GoReusableNow

Plastic is bad for the planet so opt for reusable items when possible. If you still head out to your local coffee shop then bring your own reusable travel mug and have that filled instead of using a disposable cup. When you go to the store, make sure to bring your reusable grocery bags.

2. Digital Notes

Instead of taking notes using paper, take notes digitally using a service like Google Drive. If you prefer to write your notes by hand, you can also look into using a tablet and stylus in order to take digital notes.

3. Green Partnerships

Work with vendors who have a proven record of going green. Using less packaging and opting for recycled or sustainable packaging materials as well as sending digital invoices and contracts are all ways vendors can go green.

4. Green Marketing

Going digital is an easy way to go green and much like how you can go paperless with your notes and communication, you can also take your marketing paperless. Newsletters and social media are effective and eco-friendly ways to stay in touch and make sure your customers remember your brand. And for the best eco-marketing tip, be sure not to miss #12!

5. Use a Reusable Recycling Bag

From no longer needed notes to take out containers from lunch, recycle everything possible. Reusable recycling bags are proven to simplify recycling and drive participation in recycling programs. Create your very own custom reusable recycling bag and send those to your employees to make it easy for them to recycle.

6. Recharge

Wireless devices like computer mice and keyboards need batteries. Swap out single-use batteries for rechargeable varieties. If you do use single-use batteries, then make sure to recycle them when they’re out of juice.

7. Conserve Power

A nice perk of WFH is the ability to work anyplace in your home. If you decide to take a break from your home office and relocate to the kitchen table, living room couch, or patio, then make sure to conserve power by turning off lights in rooms you are not using.

8. Use Less Single-Use Plastic

It’s much easier to use reusable items at home, but try to avoid any disposable plastic items. Use reusable straws and tumblers when possible. You can even store these handy eco-friendly items in your purse and glove box.

9. Shop Smart

Online shopping has seen a dramatic increase and that’s another trend that’s likely to continue. It’s also much easier to add items to your cart while working from home.

When you do place an order (whether for work supplies or not), opt to have items shipped together so as few boxes and packing materials as possible will be used.

10. Climate Control

You want to be comfortable, so set your thermostat accordingly, but setting the temperature not so high in the winter and not so low in the summer will use less electricity. Since you are home you can easily change your clothing to be comfortable.

11. Conserve Water

Speaking of clothing, wait until you have a full load of clothes before throwing laundry in the washing machine. This will conserve water and electricity. Bonus tip, invest in a clothesline so you can run your dryer less often during warmer weather.

12. Promotional Marketing

Custom reusable items, like shopping bags, insulated cooler bags, travel mugs, pens, and more are eco-friendly and they will keep your brand front of mind with your customers, vendors, and even employees.

Sending a swag bag full of branded gear or including a reusable bag in with an order are great ways to let your team members or customers know you are thinking about them and can increase loyalty, interest, and sales.

Easy Ordering

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WFH and Go Green

Working from home is a great way to manage the work-life balance and go green at the same time.

These tips are just some ways you can go green while you WFH. Learn more green tips, find out when we offer an Eco Special, and more and you sign up for our newsletter!


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