Help Work From Home (WFH) Employees Go Green with Branded Reusable Recycling Bags

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A Simple Solution That Delivers Results

Working from Home (WFH) appears to be here to stay. While lots of employees like the flexibility WFM provides, it’s also an opportunity to go green. Eliminating, or drastically reducing time spent commuting reduces vehicle emissions and makes a difference, but there’s so much more you and your team can do to go green while working from home.

We decided to follow up on our last post where one of our ideas to help WFH employees work greener was to create reusable recycling bags and send them to all WFH employees.

We wanted to go a little more in-depth on just how easy and effective the process can be for employees, the planet, and your brand’s CSR initiatives. And those CSR initiatives are more important today than ever.

Plastic is Bad for the Planet

Recycling offers many benefits.

When paper, plastic, glass, and metal items are recycled those materials can be repurposed into new materials. This helps conserve resources and in some instances can prevent the use of nonrenewable resources to manufacture more materials.

Recycling often uses less energy than manufacturing items from raw materials, too.

Recycling also helps keep items out of landfills and cuts down on litter. Items like plastic do not biodegrade, so when plastic ends up in a landfill it’s there to stay. When plastic is recycled it can be remanufactured into something new and useful and given a new purpose.

Addressing a Need

Recycling is beneficial for a variety of reasons, but it isn’t always easy, and unfortunately, when recycling isn’t easy people are less likely to recycle.

People who work from apartments and multi-family dwellings are less likely to recycle because these living arrangements typically do not have easy recycling programs in place.

Our recycling bags address this need and make it easy to recycle. Further, you can improve upon your CSR initiatives by helping your WFH employees recycle their materials.

You have a recycling program in place at your traditional office space, so why not offer suggestions and help for your employees who work from home?

The Simplicity of the Design

There are many benefits of our recycling bags. These bags are intended to offer a way to collect items for recycling. By providing an easy and accessible container to hold items earmarked for recycling, people are more likely to recycle.

When the bag is full, it can be emptied into a bin or collection point.

These reusable bags have dual handles that allow for easy hanging (for storage on a hook or doorknob) and carrying. A handle on the bottom of the bag makes it easy to turn the bag upside down and empty the contents.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of reusable recycling bags is the ability to customize the look.

These bags support full-color printing on all sides, so the bags also function as an educational tool and more. Along with your branding information, you can also include a handy cart listing items that can be recycled, as well as items that cannot be recycled.

Include FAQs about recycling and any other info that will make recycling easy or promote your messaging.

Help Your Team Go Green

Creating your own reusable recycling bags and giving them to your team members will make it easy for everyone to recycle.

Even employees who already have reusable recycling bags or traditional recycling bins will benefit from a recycling bag.

The bag can be kept in a traditional or home office and used to collect no-longer-needed notes and printouts and other items generated while working.

Recycling bags not only make it easy to recycle and increase recycling rates but also show your employees that your brand is invested in going green. You can even thank them directly on the bag!

Offering reusable recycling bags lets your staff know that you are serious about minimizing the environmental impact of your brand and you want to help them do their part.

Easy Ordering

We offer a selection of in-stock bags that are already constructed. You just need to send us your artwork and we can get started customizing your bags. In-stock ordering is great if you don’t need as many bags or if you have a tight deadline for when you want to get these bags into your employee’s hands.

You can also take advantage of our bulk/custom ordering. In this case, your recycling bags will be made to order. This can be very cost-effective if you need a large quantity since bulk ordering brings the unit price down.

Our custom ordering service also provides a much greater level of customization. In addition to customizing the look with your artwork, you can also alter the design. Change the size of the bag, adjust the length of the handles, or do whatever else you can dream up to make the bags look and function exactly the way you want them to.

Shop our reusable recycling bags today and reach out for your customized quote!


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