Multi-Family Residential Recycling Begins with The Bag at Waste Expo 2018

A Recycling Bag for Multi-Family Residential with items falling into them

Solving The Multi-Family Residential Recycling Dilemma

Recycling in multi-family unit dwellings is a challenge. Space is limited and compliance from and education for residents on your recycling program can be challenging. This week the crew from Factory Direct Promos is heading to Las Vegas for the 50th anniversary of the Waste Expo to share a solution that is working across the United States. Our reusable recycling bags provide the simple and cost-effective solution that municipalities and complex managers need to overcome the difficulties encountered when creating a recycling program. 

The Recycling Solution for Smaller Spaces

Factory Direct Promos is bringing the solution to recycling in smaller spaces, like multi-family dwellings and dorms, to the 2018 Waste Expo in Las Vegas. Factory Direct Promos’ reusable recycling bags are taking the recycling industry, municipalities, multi-residential managers and tenants to the next level of ease and use in recycling. Made from recycled material and 100% recyclable, these reusable recycling bags.will promote your community and drive your recycling program.

In multi-family dwellings, coordination and cooperation are key to a successful recycling program. A shift to a recycling program will be easier to promote if there is a green aspect involved. Reusable recycling bags are easy to promote because of their eco-friendly qualities and will lower costs and drive participation for your recycling program.

Multi-Family Unit Recycling Is In The Bag

The strong, laminated material used is durable, virtually leak-proof, reusable and good for the environment. Everything that tenants will need to know can be printed right on the bag. Full-color instructions on how to use the bag, and a quick rundown of what is and isn’t recyclable take these bags to the next level of effectiveness.

Rolling out a new system of recycling is easier when it uses an eco-friendly product that can be customized to fit your needs.

Factory Direct Promos’ Operations’ Manager, Beth Wilkerson is attending Waste Expo 2018 and shared,”Our custom reusable recycling bags are perfect for smaller spaces and can easily be hung on a hook or over a doorknob so they won’t take up valuable space. They are fully customizable so they provide a blank canvas, and an easy way, for municipalities and complexes to educate residents on the rules of their recycling program.”

A Customizable and Affordable Recycling Solution

Custom reusable recycling bags can be built in a variety of sizes and can feature any imprint or color that will make them unique. Handles are a necessity, including sturdy handles on the top for normal use, and one handle on the bottom to make proper, sanitary disposal possible. The bags are reusable, washable and long-lasting to provide value.

Visit us in booth #2306 at Waste Expo 2018 for a sample of our reusable recycling bags.

For over 20 years, Factory Direct Promos has been on a mission to manufacture eco-friendly promotional products, aimed at helping companies large and small, do their part to protect the planet while promoting their business, brand or cause. Our commitment to the environment is as strong as our commitment to quality. Our certifications such as GOTS, Fairtrade, ISO 9001 and FEDEX are a testimony to our strong quality and social commitment.

We Look Forward to Helping You

To find out how we can help your complex or municipality benefit from reusable recycling bags, visit the Factory Direct Promos’ team April 24-26th at Waste Expo 2018 in booth #2306. If you won’t be hitting the show this year, get a quote for reusable recycling bags or contact us with any questions. After almost a quarter of a century manufacturing custom reusable bags, we know how to make the process easy, affordable and fun.


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