Recycling…It’s In The Bag

A Recycling Bag for Multi-Family Residential with items falling into them

Eliminate the Burden and Make Recycling Easy with Custom Recycling Bags

Recycling should be easy, but for many people living in apartments, dorms or multi-family dwellings, this is simply not the case. Bulky bins are difficult to store and a pain to drag out to a curb or dump into a community bin. A simple, affordable solution is to create custom reusable recycling bags. Read on to learn more about these bags and why you should begin with the bag.

Drive Participation

Most people want to recycle, and in some municipalities with near capacity landfills, recycling is becoming increasingly important. Reusable recycling bags take up hardly any space, making them easy to store. Residents can easily hang that bag on a hook, coat rack or doorknob and when the bag is full they can empty into the community recycling bin used to collect items at the facility. This simple solution makes recycling easy, and when recycling is easy more residents will do so.

Durable Construction

Our reusable recycling bags are made from a durable laminated material. This fabric is strong, so under normal use, our reusable recycling bags should last for many years. The material is also water-resistant, so food residue or water from rinsing empty cans or jars will not leak through the bag and cause a mess.

These bags easily wipe clean or can be rinsed off if there are spills or messes. This material is made from recycled content, making it eco-friendly. Our reusable recycling bags are also recyclable, so when they eventually wear out they can be tossed in the recycling bin with everything else.

 reusable recycling bags make recycling easy for multi family dwellingsCustomizable Design

Our reusable recycling bags are completely customizable. We feature a standard design that includes comfortable handles that allow for easy carrying or can be slung over a shoulder for hands-free carrying. The Sure Grip handle on the bottom makes it easy to securely hold onto the bag when emptying the contents into a large recycling bin.

You can order your own bag as is, or you can alter the design to function better for your residents. Increase the size of the gusset or decrease the length of the handles or anything else you want to fit your vision and how your residents will use the bag.

The artwork printed on the bag is also completely customizable. Take advantage of full-color printing on all sides, including the bottom, to get your message noticed. Including your branding information or outline the types of items that can be recycled to help educate residents and further simplify the recycling process.

Begin with the Bag

Creating your own custom reusable recycling bags is the first step to saving money and giving your residents an easy-to-use recycling solution. If you have questions about the bag or how to customize the design or the artwork our team is available to help.

Many apartment complexes and municipalities have found out just how effective and affordable reusable recycling bags can be, find out what they can do for your residents and request a quote!


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