Making Multi-Unit Recycling Rates Soar with Reusable Recycling Bags

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Find Out What Makes Reusable Recycling Bags So Great

Reusable shopping bags can change the world by eliminating single-use plastic bags. Our reusable recycling bags can take things a step further and change the world by improving recycling of all household items. Reusable bags provide a significant value, and reusable recycling bags have emerged as an option for multi-family dwelling recycling because they simplify the recycling process. Recycling bags provide value for multi-unit complexes (buildings with five units or more), residents, municipalities and building managers in ways that bins can’t.

According to the EPA, “Many MFD buildings were not designed with recycling in mind. MFDs typically have little space in individual units and in common areas for the collection and storage of recyclables.

Nationally, approximately 16 percent of all housing units are in structures with five or more units. The proportion is much higher in California—approximately 24 percent.

Despite these obstacles, communities can increase recycling rates in their MFDs by requiring that building management provide recycling opportunities, by developing programs that encourage resident and management recycling, and by providing assistance with program design and education.”

Here’s how reusable recycling bags will work to increase the ease of recycling, and in turn, recycling rates for your multi-unit complex.

1. Affordable

Reusable recycling bags can cost as little as 89-cents per bag, and what’s more is they will last for many years. Many factors determine the price and how long the bags last. For instance, the level of customization will impact the price and how often residents use the bags and how they care for the bags will dictate how long they last. Under normal wear and tear, these reusable recycling bags should hang in there for at least six years, delivering a cost-effective return on your investment.

2. Space Efficient

Reusable recycling bags are relatively compact. They can be folded when not in use to easily stow in a kitchen or pantry. These bags can be hung in a pantry, closet or on a coat rack, keeping them close by, but still out of the way. The ability to hang the bags is very beneficial in saving space and keeping the area neat and tidy by getting the bags up off the floor.

3. Eco-Friendly

A couple of factors make these reusable recycling bags eco-friendly. First, just by making recycling easy, these bags are eco-friendly. When recycling is easy, tenants in multi-unit homes are more likely to recycle, which helps to streamline the waste stream. Second, these reusable recycling bags are made from recycled content, which contributes to their overall eco-friendliness.

4. Educational

Reusable recycling bags help raise awareness around recycling. When people understand the benefits and value of recycling, and just how easy it really can be to recycle items they use at home, these same people will be more likely to recycle in other areas of their lives. The bags themselves can also be used to convey information. The ability to print info directly on the bag allows tenants to learn more about recycling. Include handy info, like the types of items that can be recycled, what the numbers on certain plastics mean and more. You can even direct users to a website for more information.

5. Fully Customizable

Everything about our reusable recycling bags can be customized. Change the size, shape, handle length and more to make it function best for your residents. The bag was designed to be useful and includes long handles that can be worn over a shoulder. There is also a handle on the bottom to make it easy to empty the contents into a collection bin. If you have an idea to change any of these aspects, or add something completely new to improve the look or function, we can make it happen.

Create Your Reusable Recycling Bags

When it comes to recycling in apartments and multi-unit homes, reusable recycling bags are the best solution. These simple eco-friendly bags make it easy for residents to recycle without being in the way, while providing a cost-effective option for property managers, landlords and even municipalities. Curious about reusable recycling bags and how they might work for your organization? Start the process and get your custom quote for reusable recycling bags!


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