Putting Recycling Bags to Work in Apartments

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Reusable Recycling Bags Work for Apartments and Multi-Family Dwellings

Recycling in apartments sounds easy enough, but oftentimes it is anything but easy. Lack of organization and outreach leaves tenants unsure of what to do while property management is stuck trying to coordinate the logistics of implementing and enforcing a recycling program. Recycling is beneficial for a variety of reasons, so it’s worthwhile for apartments to implement recycling programs. Recycling bags provide an easy solution to apartment recycling. Find out just how these bags work and all of the benefits they provide.

Why Recycle

Recycling repurposes existing materials into new and useful products. Materials like metal, glass, and plastic can often be recycled again and again, which cuts down on the use of virgin materials. This is particularly beneficial when nonrenewable resources are required to make materials, such as natural gas and petroleum which are required to produce most plastics. Paper products can be recycled a limited number of times, but recycling still reduces the number of virgin fibers used and enables manufacturers to get the most out of the wood pulp already harvested.

Recycling conserves resources, but it also conserves energy. Recycling often uses significantly less energy than manufacturing with virgin materials. Another perk of recycling is that it helps streamline waste streams. Diverting recyclables away from landfills prevents landfills from filling up. Landfills reaching capacity is a major problem than can end up costing municipalities a lot of money to solve. Glass and plastic, for instance, do not break down, so if glass jars and plastic jugs end up in a landfill they just take up space. Recycling these materials frees up landfill space while making the best use of the materials we already have.

How Recycling Bags Work

Reusable recycling bags are similar to the bins used in most curbside recycling programs, except they are tailored to work specifically for tenants of apartments and multi-family dwellings. Tenants can toss items for recycling in their recycling bag and empty the bag into a community collection bin when the bag is full or at their convenience.

Dual handles enable tenants to comfortably carry the bag. The compact bags can easily be hung in a closet, on a coat rack or event on a pantry doorknob by the carrying handles, so these bags are accessible without being bulky and in the way. A handle on the bottom of the bag makes it easy to dump the contents into a dumpster or recycling collection bin.

Marketing Advantages

Our reusable recycling bags can be customized by printing on all external surfaces. Full-color printing lets you easily communicate your message and information. You can list common items accepted for recycling and direct people to a website or another resource where they can learn more and find answers to any questions.

The ability to customize the look of the bags also provides a marketing advantage. You can promote your business. Print your logo and marketing information on these bags and they will always be there to remind tenants about your business. Every time tenants drop an item in their recycling bag or carry the bag to drop items off, they will think about your business.

Design Your Custom Recycling Bags

Reusable recycling bags are an easy and cost-effective solution to apartment recycling that works. We have been helping our clients create custom reusable bags for almost 30 years. While recycling bags are a relatively new addition to our lineup, we took everything we learned over the last few decades in terms of streamlining the process and working directly with our factory and applied it to our recycling bags, too. Help your multi-family residential community and beyond and contact Factory Direct Promos for pricing now.


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