Bloom Into Spring and Summer with Your Brand’s Marketing

Shape your eco-friendly custom message in 100% recycled seeded paper, sustainably packaged in corn-based bags with custom-printed headers.

Seeded Shape Packs

Grow Your Brand as You Welcome Warmer Weather

As the weather turns warmer, people naturally start to think about spring flowers and summer gardens. To match your marketing efforts to the season and stand out in your prospect’s minds, consider printing your next marketing flyer or mailer on seed paper, so you can market your brand while you also spread flowers and greenery. Seed paper is an eco-way to get your brand’s message out while creating a lasting impression.

How it Works

Seed paper is thick and luxurious and is embedded with seeds. The seeds are carefully selected to ensure a high germination rate, so most of the seeds will sprout under the right conditions. To plant the seed paper, you simply cover it with a thin layer of soil in a flowerpot or outside, depending on how warm it is, and water.  As the paper breaks down, it naturally composts and fertilizes the seeds, giving way to beautiful flowers or fresh vegetable plants. Since the paper comes in a large variety of colors you can select a shade that matches your corporate colors for a cohesive look. You can also pick from entire sheets of paper or die cut shapes for a customized piece that fits your branding.

Perfect Timing

Spring and summer is a time when people’s thoughts turn to the environment and a perfectly timed marketing brochure or informative promotional piece printed on seed paper is a great way to spread the good word about your brand, while also tying in with the message of going green. Show your customers that your brand truly is green with seed paper. Think about printing action items on the paper to educate your clients about simple things they can do to help the green cause or explain other things your company does to live up to your environmental standards.

Tradeshow Bouquet

Our seed paper really grows! Independent lab testing shows that our seed paper has the highest germination rates in it's category. This means MORE flowers will grow! Made from 100% post industrial, recycled paper and dyed with all natural, vegetable based earth friendly inks.

Our seed paper really grows!

Typically at a tradeshow, there is a lot of information you need to get across to your clients and prospective clients but there are a couple factors working against you – time and competition. The folks who visit your booth are pressed for time as they try to stop by other booths, and every time they stop walking there is someone trying to give them information about their product or brand. The solution is to give people a lot of info quickly and in a memorable way.

Seed paper can be the perfect vehicle since the novelty of it will most likely make it stick in people’s memories and they will be more likely to pick it up and read it later, after the tradeshow is over. Just make sure to include a web address, so folks know how to reach you and continue to learn more about your brand after they plant the paper.

The Only Limit to Marketing with Seed Paper is Your Imagination

The versatility of seed paper makes it a great way to disseminate information and stand out from the crowd. There are countless ways to market with seed paper and our design team can help you craft just the right combination of seed paper and your brand’s messaging to create a piece to stand out in your prospect’s and client’s minds. By creating a memorable marketing item from seed paper, people are more apt to recollect you and your brand while the plants that grow from the paper will also leave a lasting impression and help the planet.


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