5 Ways to Get Event Sponsors for Your Trade Show

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Give Your Sponsors What They Need to Be Seen

Attracting sponsors for your trade show can be tricky business – especially in this economy. You need to find a balance between meeting your needs and giving the sponsors the visibility they need to help raise awareness of their brand. When looking for sponsors you want brands that have a similar target audience as your show, but you want some variety – you want to offer your sponsors the safety of their target demographic, but also give them wider exposure and make them familiar to groups that may not know them. Here are some enticing ideas for rounding up sponsors for your trade show.

  1. Research Your Competition

    Once you’ve determined your target sponsors, check around to see if there are other events they sponsor. Learn why your potential sponsors participate in those other events and look for ways to give your sponsors everything the competition offers and more. You want to make your event stand out while still being just as desirable for the sponsors. Differentiate your show so it is not just another event that gets lost in the shuffle. Be inspired and creative and look for ways to make your event marketing shine. Take time to research trade shows from outside your industry for ideas of ways to improve your sponsor and attendee offerings.

  2. Market with Reusable Bags

    Swag is a big part of trade shows because let’s face it,  people love free stuff. Offer your sponsors prime marketing real estate on custom eco reusable bags given out at the show. Since most booths at trade shows give out items, a bag is incredibly useful because it gives folks a way to carry all of the loot they pick up, and while attendees are walking the floor they will put your sponsor’s logos on full display. Plus, bag sponsorships will remain useful after the show is over as attendees take their bags with them to locations all over the map and use them, promoting their brand and your trade show, once they get home. Full-color printing is attention grabbing and will help reinforce your sponsor’s branding message. It is also key to use sustainable or recycled materials when creating promotional reusable bags. Different companies have different environmental goals and missions; you want to make sure the promotional materials you use are in line with everyone’s objectives.

  3. Create a Variety of Options to Fit Different Budgets

    You certainly need major sponsors, but don’t overlook smaller organizations that may be interested in a sponsorship of just a couple hundred dollars. Offer some low budget options that will give sponsors an opportunity to get their logo out there and raise awareness and get them in the door. A low budget option can be a great fit for new organizations that are testing the waters – they are able to see if your trade show is suitable for them without a huge financial commitment and you get some extra sponsorship support and money. All around everyone wins.

  4. Lanyard Sponsorships

    Identification badges are a necessary part of trade shows and the eco lanyard is a prime opportunity for a sponsor to raise their brand awareness. This high-visibility item is in constant use and is seen throughout the entire show and has, in some instances, become one of the biggest sponsorship draws so do not overlook it. This sponsorship an be “prime real estate” for a brand wanting to reach their target market. Adorning the lanyard with a branding message is a sure fire way to increase brand awareness.

  5. Keep People Connected with an App

    Create an app that attendees can log into and find out all sorts of information. Include maps to easily locate specific booths and schedules of when and where addresses will be given. Apps feature lots of advertising opportunities between splash pages and banners, but you can also include a listing of participants, and maybe an enhanced exhibitor listing for sponsors. Your app should also include alerts to remind people when specific events and talks are happening, but it may be a good idea to make the alerts optional, so folks do not receive alerts they don’t want.

Show off your green commitment and promote your brand with eco friendly lanyards.Show off your green commitment and promote your brand with eco friendly lanyards.

It’s About Valuable, Innovative and Lasting Marketing Exposure

There are countless ways to give your sponsors a way to be seen and increase their brand recognition while making your trade show a huge success. These sponsorship opportunities are valuable marketing tools for any brand and you need to remind you attendees of exactly that point.  You also need to look for innovative ways to draw in sponsors, like WiFi and Twitter board sponsorships, and make your show shine and get prospective sponsors excited. Remember to give your sponsors as much exclusivity and a say in the decisions as possible and keep in mind that you need to create a fun and informative networking experience for the folks attending your show and memorable sponsorships are a big and valuable part of the experience.

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